Intervals of Horrible Sanity

Intervals of Horrible Sanity is an example of the mind by TimTheScarecrow that stretches across 110 pages; A visualization of how one's mind reacts to tragedy and being pressured to "grow up".
To be more specific... While investigating a homicide case, a crow detective gets shoved aside when the infamous scarecrows drop in from their airships and pull him from the case. Soon after, he finds the scarecrows believe the killer to be him. Did he do it, or is it just some elaborate set up crafted to keep him from snooping around?

Art and Story: TimTheScarecrow
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

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    Fun Facts
    >> Despite the Film Noir approach, the story actually takes place in the late 1970's similar to the "alternate" universe seen in the TV show "Fringe".
    >> Many titles and names were references to the band "The Doors".
    >> Most of the story was drawn in ball-point pen on paper.
    >> TimTheScarecrow's favorite number, 1251 makes several appearances throughout the story.
    >> Several "subliminal" or "hidden" messages can be found in very tiny print within the panels. Examples include: "TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES" and "WAKE UP CABINET".
    >> The famed "Now Call The Chief" subliminal message also makes its way into the story.
    >> In Pete's workspace there's a bulletin that reads "WANTED: Harvey Dent", though only half the bulletin is shown.
    >> The "VERSES" at the beginning of each chapter are all excerpts from previous stories and poems by TimTheScarecrow.
    >> In the "RIGHT THE WRITTEN" word-search there are several key words and phrases within the puzzle that are NOT in the word bank.
    >> Floyd, who you only see in the background in Welcome to Normality, gets a starring role in the 4th chapter, "A Kind of Trail".
    >> The names DeChant pulls from the evidence logs are references to Charlie Chan and Mr. Wong, both classic detectives.
    >> The line "What was it? Tobi? Tobi Chan?" in chapter 4 is a reference to the diner scene in Reservoir Dogs.

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