Going off-grid and debt free!

On this page you'll find helpful posts related to my "16 year plan" to go off-grid and debt free!
Follow along and chime in at any point with any comments or questions as i make my way to a happier, healthier lifestyle and "retire" by age 41. (or sooner)
Current debt: $107,492


Part 2 The 16 year plan (in a nutshell)

Part 3 Let's talk numbers (money and such)

Part 4 Location, Freedom, Taxes and Building Types

Part 5 Alaskan cabin sketches

More parts will be posted as progress is made and big changes have been made. I will continue to update this page throughout the whole process so anyone wanting to follow in my tracks can easily do so. Everyone deserves the chance to taste REAL freedom, unfortunately most of us have to work hard to get there.

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