Welcome to Normality

Welcome to Normality is an example of the mind by TimTheScarecrow; A visualization of how one's imagination reacts to being pressured by society to be "normal".
To be more specific... A small time filmmaker gets pulled inside his very own film, "Normality", only to find that all of his characters have been imprisoned and are being converted into mindless sheeple. To save himself (and his characters) from normalcy, he challenges the ranks of a supreme "Puppeteer Virus" that has plagued his imagination.
Writer/Director/Animator: TimTheScarecrow
Original Soundtrack: M dot Strange
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense

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Fun Facts:
>> A lot of the sets were re-used over and over again. For example in the intro with HangMan you can see Pete's apartment hallway wall to the right of the street.
>> The film was originally intended to be 62 minutes long.
>> TimTheScarecrow's favorite number is 1251, this number is placed strategically throughout the film, even within the script.
>> The paper you see Pete writing on in the beginning is a summarized version of the classic "3 Little Pigs" story.
>> The words flying through the air in Normality and when Pete is seen writing are meant to represent the inner thoughts and thought processes of the characters. (most of these words are actually images of the written scripts for other film projects by TimTheScarecrow).
>> In the junkyard (among several other Easter eggs) there is a TV that says FACE on the screen. This is a reference to the film "Heart String Marionette" by M dot Strange in which M dot's short film "F.A.C.E." is seen through a TV.
>> The scarecrows are animated using wooden artist's mannequins. Their resemblance to the characters in "Heart String Marionette" was unintentional, though it did give TimTheScarecrow the perfect opportunity to collaborate with his hero M dot Strange.
>> The entire film takes place inside the mind of Cabinet, the star of TimTheScarecrow's 2nd film project "The Freaks of LampCord".
>> Among several other subliminal images, one image is shown in the first scene 12 times. This image features HangMan hung by the neck, a pair of glasses, and the words "NOW CALL tEh CHIEF". This image is a reference to the real life subliminal image used by the police in an attempt to get the BTK Killer to turn himself in.
>> Most of the sound effects were just TimTheScarecrow imitating sounds with his mouth.
>> The creepy children's story toward the beginning of the movie is basically a child's eye summary of TimTheScarecrow's comic series "Intervals of Horrible Sanity".
>> The underground cave called "Hitchcock Underground Reservation" is populated by mutated bird-people as a result of what happened in "Intervals of Horrible Sanity". (also the title of the cave is a nod to Alfred Hitchcock, creator of "The Birds").
>> "Wake Up Cabinet!" can be seen several times throughout the film.
>> The entrance to the cave at the beginning has "VENKMAN BURN IN HELL" written on it as a reference to the film "Ghostbusters".
>> The windows in Floyd's Diner are actually the original storyboards for the film.
>> The Mindless Drones are speaking English, just in reverse.
>> Both Carroll and Alison were originally intended to be voiced by TimTheScarecrow.
>> Lewis had to have 2 bodies during the film, his first body was rendered useless when his head popped off. Pete had a similar problem toward the end of the film... while animating SCENE 10 his leg popped off, this is part of the reason as to why the last bit is done in 2D animation instead of stop motion.
>> Oliver, TimTheScarecrow's "other half" says the line "Said the White Rabbit" as a reference to the film "Alice".
>> "THEY LIVE" can be seen spread across a wall in teh film. That (and the overall style of the film's antagonists) is in reference to John Carpenter's "They Live".
>> Anytime the characters are seen using a phone of some sort, its just the same "soup can" used over and over.
>> Just before they enter the maze area there is a sign that says "NOW PLAYING" then lists off "I am Nightmare", "When Black Birds Fly", "City of Dying Head", and "Flower Ninja"... all of which are real world projects by M dot Strange, Jimmy Screamerclauz, Klaus tehKurios, and Mad Dashiell Johnson.
>> The maze layout is the same layout used for the maze in "The Shining".
>> Cheese, the lake worm, is nothing more than a snazzy sock puppet.
>> The binary you see in the film is a coded version of the poem 'for moose' by TimTheScarecrow.
>> What Adam says about the cake just before throwing it in the trash is a reference to the line "The cake is a lie" made popular by the "Portal" games.
>> Lewis, Carroll, and Charles are named after Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll).

>> The un-credited meat puppets in the sword fight are TimTheScarecrow and JoshTheCreature.
>> Josh "RANDOMHERO" Asbury does the voice of Drs. Edgar (un-credited).

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