Jun 20, 2021

Beware I Live (i know right?)

 I hunger, i live.

I recommended a friend watch Where the Dead go to Die and When Black Birds Fly recently. They were met with approval, so loading up another batch of suggestions, friend goes "are those linked on your website, too?".

Im one of those shy mofos that does ZERO advertising for my art self in the irl world, so this took me back a bit.

Basically, name was seen in When Black Birds fly credits, sleuthing was done and the website was found. Bravo, brava, burrito, potato.

Then i remembered that i havent posted shit since January, so beware..  i live (Jemilla i know how you worry, yes im eating enough).

So i searched myself to see what all there was to see and apparently I, and WtN have imdb pages, i was previously unaware of this so thats cool i guess? Also my companion cube painting is still making the rounds on pinterest and tattoo blogs, dont even care anymore. So my social network scrub isnt 100% but oh well. Ill live forever on someones ankle tattoo.

Updates? Updates!

Been working on the farmhouse and homestead life. Planted a feck ton of fruit trees and already raising like 30+ chickens and turkeys. Plan on getting bees back next spring along with alpacas and sheep. Tearing down and building new walls in the house. Complete madnessssss. I WILL post actual pictures and before/afters once the homesteads where i want it to be. That will be on my previously-used-for-gaming YT channel.

Unfortunately homestead homie life isnt leaving much time or physical space for Studio Oyashiro life. There is no place in the cabin to really work on anything, and lumber prices are 300x where they should be right now so building the 2nd cabins gonna have to wait. The lack of workspace has given me time to write and storyboard at least. So im 2 steps in on a couple announced projects but theres nothing interesting to flash infront of your faces lol.

If youre wondering what to expect from overhyped projects like, say, The Freaks of LampCord... Ill say that rotoscope is underappreciated and that black n white was always enough.

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