May 29, 2020

An update on the whole being alive thing

My wife and i got our old jobs back (the local grocery store where i worked for nearly 8 years). it doesnt pay near as much as the machining job but at least i dont have to worry about crashing a multimillion dollar piece of equipment with my gimpy eye. lol
Postmates isnt working out right now, youd figure with a lot of places going delivery/pickup only, that people would be ordering now more than before, but nope. Down to nothing, except a guy who wanted a 12pk of toilet paper from the local CVS...
Ive been writing here n there. Not really "inspired" while stayin on my moms couch, my first drafts keep turning out spiteful, bitter. That might be me now, but its just not me. Still, i try to get in a few words. it is weird, the story im writing is based in/on the house i just sold. feels like an actual ghost story now. Honestly just cant wait to start animating again.
We are currently in the process of buying this house we've been looking at. No more details for now just incase something shits the bed.
Been doing a lot of research on ISP types and teh benefits of each. Lets just say i cant wait for Starlink to become available to the public.
Found out i actually have a pretty decent credit score, so thats nice.
im the only person awake in a house of 10
i got a new phone, my old one exploded in my pocket. it was an old galaxy j3, and was already shattered when my wife handed it down to me, so it was really a matter of time.
got my wife a new phone too, she didnt need one, but she deserved something. material gifts cant make up for what shes had to put up with lately but i like to think it helps.
how is everyone else doing? got any cool updates or plans to share?