Apr 30, 2020

I gave up

Moving to Arizona didnt work out. My wife, kids and i were staying at my dads place while waiting on my house to close. Turns out my dad is not a good person after all. My wife and the twins were treated with disrespect and i was never paid during my time working under him remodeling houses. Being there was like tiptoeing on eggshells around him wondering what was going to set him off next. We stayed there long enough for my step-mom to spend Anakins birthday with him and we left back for Kentucky.
We did NOT want this. The plan was to buy land, no mortgage or debt. Then use remaining and incoming funds to build our family an off grid mountain paradise with my dads know-how. We thought we could tough it out and just put up with his hostility until we could be back on our own feet but the longer it went on, the more i realized this was not a person i wanted influencing my kids. I attempted to kill myself on Anakins birthday. I was trapped.
Couldnt even do that right. Spent a few hours talking with suicide prevention and some very good friends on Twitter. It became clear that WE had to get out of there. It really hurt my pride and soul to give up everything but sometimes the choices cant be easy. The next morning we left. My stepmom understood and my dad tried to act like everything was fine and sent me a fucking sunglasses emoji after we left. Now im jobless. The house is closing so theres no cancelling that. And without proof of a maintained income, i cant find any mortgage lender willing to work with me. Ill have a little money from selling the house to potentially find a place to rent but everybodys so scared of this virus that getting ahold of people is worse than pulling teeth. Im ending my Patreon for now. I know it seems stupid to cut a source of income but its honor based, if i cant create, i dont deserve the patronage. I have no idea where to go from here. Until next time.

Apr 15, 2020

Going off grid and debt free UPDATE 4-15-2020

Alright. Im alive. Been doing remodeling work with my dad and ive become aware just how much GOLD people trash.
The other day we took a couple loads from a house to the dump to clear out for a foreclosure type remodel job and we found so much stuff that we decided to keep. So it got me thinking about how easily this line of work sets me up to acquire and use reclaimed materials in my house build!

Take this house here for example...

The previous owners had TRASHED this place. So it got stripped down to the studs in most places and has been getting completely redone. Well, new owners want these shiny new tinted windows and sliding glass door. What about the old windows and door? Trash or i take it home, clean it up, show some love, and BAM that sliding glass door turned sideways is now perfect for an extra long window for the kitchen.
Thats just one example of how i can easily get free material doing what i do. More creative examples? Well okay. The metal shed in the back of one of the remodels we're doing, thats going to the dump too... ORRRR i can keep part of it, polish it, and use it as a beautiful rustic backsplash for under the reclaimed double length kitchen windows. THE KITCHEN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ROOM IN ANY HOME. Start there and let the theme bleed into the rest of the house. Trust me, im an artist who loves food. XD
A creative eye and desire to not spend money can really take you places if you know where to look.
Alrighty now when it comes to all the other matters, our house is still waiting on closing. UGH.
The buyer backed out last second and we DID end up getting the $500 earnest money to make up for lost time, and then a day later we got a new buyer on the hook. Got a call just thismorning from our awesome realtor and the inspector and appraiser have both come and gone and all is good to go. So hopefully we're looking at a matter of days before closing.
THEN we can make moves on buying land out here in AZ. We've gone out and looked at a couple places and have our minds pretty much made up on one of them. (20 acres with panoramic mountain views, no visible neighbors, high ground so Anakin can learn his place) but theres no telling whether or not we'd be able to get this place since you cant just say "hey will you put this on layaway for me til i can afford it?"
Anyway... ive got a few building methods and other fun solutions to problems up my sleeves but ill save that for "in progress" posts.
oohh but watchu think of this floor choice for the house? making daily trips to home depot and lowes for work also gives me plenty of time to eyeball different things id like to include in my house build.

This life proof stuff is strong, water resistant, textured, and still soft.
I'd love to have an ACTUAL reclaimed wood floor but wood A. is high maintenance B. not exactly termite and rot proof C. hard wood floors are, well, hard. i got 4 clumsy ass kids. lol
So i do understand that there are SOME things you should spend the extra dollar on, im not crazy guys. Anyway, just wanted to show that. Lifes been pretty fast paced being one of the apparent few people not affected by the shutdowns. Hope all is well and ill be sure to update once i actually move forward with something.