Mar 14, 2020


Stuffs gonna be packed up and a bit rocky for a few weeks. Most of my "MERCH" is on hold until i get things set back up. You can still get shirts and copies of IoHS since i gotts nothin to do with those.
I will still be able to send out Patreon rewards on time, but the Signed Sketch Digital Copy rewards may be benched for a bit, as i no longer have a scanner.
This road bump should be passed by the end of April.
I'll also do a complete revamp of a lot of things around "here"
talkin new look, new shirts, new merch in general, the works.

Im tired.

PS... ill have more updates soon on projects im currently putting actual work into. (Untitled Space Opera, Oyashiro Cafe') along with the long awaited The Freaks of LampCord which wont leave me the fuck alone until i tell you guys the cool new things goin on with it.
i dont buy toilet paper to begin with, but the lack of toilet paper in stores really bothers me. my mood is sour, sorry guys.

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