Mar 4, 2020

Going off grid and debt free (part 5)

I'm finally gonna talk about my chicken scratch "blueprints" ive done up for our Alaska cabin.
These aren't the greatest and are more than likely going to change slightly over the years but here we go.
Lets start with look, shall we?
im aiming for a metal roof, or if the money is there, a solar roof, this way i have a nice clean surface to collect water from (and possibly power). itll have a full wrap around deck and as you can see in the picture, there'll still be the homes foundation pillars just under the house. Also,  ill have the roof extend over the deck too (not pictured) This will keep the snow off the house in the winter. where i plan on living, getting snowed in for months is a real possibility and id rather not be fighting snow directly on the house on the daily. So if it piles up around the deck and i cant get to it before it melts, at least i dont have to worry about ice dams on the actual house itself.
Not entirely sure how im gonna be doing the steps yet, but cobbled stone or rounded paver bricks are really high up on my wants list. i want this place to look like youve gone through the woods and stepped into a fairy tale. The stone will carry up the outer walls to the midway point, (where the windows start) window boxes for herbs and flowers n such. then cedar shingles up the rest of the way. color and such should look similar to this picture below.
found this on google forever ago, no idea who owns it, i dont make money on this blog. dill with it
I love the charred wood look and it is a great eco friendly way to preserve wood and protect against bugs and rot and even... fire. woot woot. so yea, basically that whole look except i'd want my shingles to look more like dragon scales than siding. the ones in this picture all line up and its so dull.
Now lets see the actual "blueprints"
interior should be around 15ft wide and 20ft long. (roughly the same size as my current Studio Oyashiro building) staircase going up the left side and hollow on the inside which gives plenty room for bookshelves, pantry space, storage in general.
the little nook between the door and stairs would serve as a "mud room" where boots and jackets would go. then the entire space under the loft would be the kitchen prep area. Even though its a "tiny house" this kitchen space is still better than what i currently have in my 1,007sq ft house. i gave everything a sortof left-to-right flow that for some reason most kitchens dont have.
Starting with STORAGE (fridge, pantry, such) --> PREP (counter space, cutting board, such) --> COOK (stove, toaster, such) --> FINISHINGS (more counter space for plating and the like) --> CLEANUP (wash / dry stations)
its efficient and adds up to plenty of counter space in the end. the back end will be the "lounge" where the wood burning stove and accent wall would be. seating/tables can really just be worked out once the space is real so im not worried about it.
Couple things to note, this is just 1 building. Our off grid setup is going to be roughly 7 buildings total. Main house, studio, garage, greenhouse(s), chicken coop, bath house/sauna, outer kitchen.
i know, i know the most important question, WHERES THE POOP GO?
Not pictured will be an attached half bath type ... out house? Itll be an extra room built onto the back half of the house and it'll run alongside the staircase with the door being under the top couple steps, youll go in, walk back and do your business. trust me itll be much nicer than it sounds lol.
But the way i have it imagined, the bathroom door will almost be hidden under the stairs with moveable shelves and such hiding it. Furnitures gotta have multiple purposes when living tiny.
on top of that i WILL also be putting extra "toilet" space in an actual out house. this'll be for daytime use when i dont want people blowin up my house. (composting toilets, btw)

Now even though im wanting to build where building codes are chill and all that, i still want to build something that isnt going to fall apart. heres my general plans for the roof and foundation. Concrete pillars with a bar hook to hold in the big fat main blocks. since the building is only going to be 15ft x 20ft and wont be subject to weight strains running long distances, i can get away with using 2x6 for the joists since theyll be supported just fine. walls will be 2x4 "crib construction" so pretty much like building a log cabin except ill be using 2x4s instead of logs.
This will give me solid walls 3.5 inches thick (not counting siding or inner wall) which is great for insulation and keeping critters out (mice) cuz well, they cant go in the walls. Its better than using logs since they are flat so i wont have to do any chinking which is where you lose a lot of your insulation, and im just one guy with a hammer. this simplifies things A LOT. and it'll make the building way sturdier than a stick frame building would be. the ceiling will be exposed beams (stained dark) and exposed tung n groove (white painted) which should just POP. Also the walls inside will be large shiplap (white painted) with the dark stained accents around the windows/doors n such.
not my picture, thank you google
imagine the interior like this, except the wood will be a darker stain and i wont have all kinds of weird antique clutter.
A few other things to mention, the door will be a sturdy solid door, no hollow core bull crap. it WILL HAVE TO open outwards because bears. Bears and moose are the reasons why im debating on whether or not i should gate off the main porch entrance or not. i guess we'll see how far out i end up moving.
The wood burning stove will have an accent wall/mantle built around it and the stove itself will serve as a heat source and coffee maker cuz cowboy coffee pots are my effin jams.
The "bathroom" will not have any ventilation shared with the rest of the house. The vents will lead straight outside, this is why its placed outside of the main 15ft x 20ft layout. it will have a sink and all that stuff bathrooms normally have except for a bathing area.. so half bath?
All windows will be over the countertops or higher, because bears, and heat loss.
The upstairs loft (bed room) will have a triangle window and im very seriously considering putting an eyeball in the middle of the damn thing. so tempting.

ive been doin some shopping around too. ive looked up semi local lumberyards and home improvement stores and have been comparing prices cuz moneys.
of course all this is likely going to be changed in 15 years but hey! if youre already looking to get started in this area, heres some resources to consider!
Next post i think ill go into things like appliances, power, water, and other utilities.

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