Mar 16, 2020

COVID 19 - WTF do i do?

Alright, so we're all aware of the current coronavirus being a complete cunt right now, right?

Though it is technically a pretty bad thing (if you have current health issues, immune system difficulties, are an infant or elderly) it really isnt as bad as everyone is making it out to be.... WHICH REALLY FUCKING SUCKS cuz the governments are makeing it out to be the end of the world.

Whats my point, what am i getting at? Right now everyone is kinda self isolating, its a recommended step to help slow the spread, but it isnt really enforced (for the most part, and yet)
By Wednesday (couple days) the governor of KY will be making some kind of announcement and his peoples have let it out that we should be stocking up and prepare to be trapped in our homes for at least 14 days. (they said at least)
I know its just 14 days but guys, im expecting to sell my house and git the fuck outta here in that time. Theres a very real possibility that im either gonna be out of house n home for a time, unable to leave KY, or that the closing will have to be postponed in which ill be trapped here in a house i can no longer afford since my current income WAS from delivering things to people, which i wont be able to do if they decide to go any further with martial law.
(theyve already got officers outside doors of covid19 positive tested people)
I hope that IM the one whos over reacting here but the school just called and said they wont be back open until the end of april. it went from 1 week, to 3 weeks, to a whole 2 months. my fucking bank is closed, i really dont want my realtor or buyer to back out or postpone on me right now.
So, like, the fuck do i do fam?
i was gonna sell the house, use that money to rent a uhaul trailer and pay for the trip to AZ.
i thought about just packing up what i can and leaving tomorrow before the lockdown but i really do not want to get quarantined between here and there. (also i have no fucking money)

We have food and all that stuff to live, like always, i barely make trips to town for shopping but once a month anyway. my problem is im gonna end up trapped in a house for another month with no way of paying Aprils bills

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