Dec 7, 2019

Alternatives to YouTube?

I just hit 200 subscribers on YouTube and it is bitter-sweet.
I remember a couple years back i really wanted to "make it" on YouTube. I started uploading 3 times a week. I was doing food videos, homesteading, tattoos, sketch time lapses, beekeeping, random vlogs, animated bumps, even had a second channel where i would stream my PS4 gameplay.

I also remember that it was working, too. I got excited when my average views and all that jumped up a good amount. For a minute i had a good feeling about myself and what i was putting out there... then YouTube made its first "adpocalypse" change and i got this email.

YouTube said that the .03 cents i had made over the past 6 years was worthless and i needed to git-gud before i could make any more off their ad system. Honestly wasnt too big of a blow at first, since, ya know... i had only made 3 cents of Google Adsense... but it was discouraging, right as i tried to finally take YT seriously and maybe make some sort of career out of it, they hit me with a "you're not good enough to be in our club anymore, come back later."
After that i gave up on YouTube as any possible future source of income. Fuck it. I really just wanted to post my videos for free anyway. I have other ways of diversifying my income (i have an actual job, scorpion breeding, patreon, merch sales, paypal donation button, you get it).
But now with this COPPA crap going on, im scared my channel will be shut down. I truly dont understand what is going through peoples heads anymore... RANT RANT RANT!!!
First off... you have to be 13 to even make a YouTube account. Kids under 13 shouldnt be online unsupervised to begin with. That is BAD parenting. Not only are there "big scary ads" to worry about, but theres these crazy things called pedophiles on the internet, too... who woulda thunk it, right? It is and should always be the parent or guardian's responsibility to monitor what their kids see and do on the internet. Animators and families shouldnt be attacked over this.
UGH... there is the option to say "hey i dont make videos for kids" but even after that, YT still employs machines that sift through triggers and can flag, take down, and even FINE people it feels violated its terms.
Now... as a person who does animation, this is VERY fuckin scary. At first i was like "oh well, who cares if my videos wont be monetized, they arent monetized anyway."
THEN they went full bat-shit and said a robot was in charge and was carrying out actual real life fines over stupid shit. I'm out.
Do you know of any video hosting sites that can handle longer videos of atleast 720p quality with 2007 style restrictions? I DO NOT WANT to go to Vimeo. One ive seen getting talk is BitChute, but it seems kinda sketchy. Suggestions?