Oct 5, 2019

More website changes and more mild news...

Brought back the merch type items i used to "sell". (buttons, stickers, magnets, etc.)
Also updated the way that page (and others) works.
I removed all my "coming soon" links on the films/comics/shows tabs. Now what you see is what i've done. You can still see whats yet to come on the BODY OF WORK section of the Memoriam tab.

Now when you want to select something, like a film, piece of merch, comic, yadda yadda... you can just click the image and itll take you there. You can also click the images caption but clicking the pic is just fine.

I'll be bringing back that FINAL HARVEST stuff again this year. Look for that tab to pop up on the 29th. i'll keep it up until NOVEMBER 6TH so be warned.
there'll be lots of merch and the free wallpaper and if i can get my ass in gear, there'll be the LEFTOVERS SPECIAL promo type video to look at too. Nothing special.

ALSO i may be changing my t-shirt provider from Spreadshirt to Redbubble. Spreadshirts recent update takes a lot of the creative freedoms away from designers and im not about that life. Oh well. who wears t shirts anymore anyway?
expect updates on all then when the time comes.