Aug 29, 2019

Website changes and some mild news...

I changed the layout of some things here on the website.
Colors, backdrops, positioning and all that... see what you can find!
Also friendly reminder that if you're inclined to, you can now donate to me and my arts via a nifty paypal button on the top right of the page. No pressure.

Uhmmm... ill be uploading PART 3 to that off grid and debt free series pretty soon. hopefully some time this weekend.

ive recently reconnected with my dad after about 11 years of not talking... so that took a lot out of me financially. (money spent on the road trip from KY to AZ and back again) so im gonna be slow catching up to my projects again but i should be back on track building sets and models and all that fun stuff after a few paychecks! i know, excuses excuses. but in a few of my projects, the next step really is SPEND MONEY BOIIII...
so until i have money to spend again, ill just be working on the 2 book projects that dont cost anything to make.

I auditioned for a voice role in a horror fiction podcast and i got the part, so ill be posting about that too once that gets going! pretty excited for that.

Fun stuffs.

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  1. Massive news about reconnecting with your dad, I hope things went smoothly. Congratulations on the voice job, that sounds awesome. Excited to hear more about it. Your updated body of work section is making me feel like a huge slacker. So many ideas pumping out of your brain, can't wait to see them come to life.