Jul 4, 2019

Going off grid and debt free (part 1)


whats up everybody my name is timthescarecrow and if you already know who i am, hey, how you doin? ^.^

this blog series probably isnt for you. instead this is aimed more toward those of you who are interested in going off grid, reducing your footprint, becoming more self reliant and getting out from underneath a mortgage or maybe you're just sick and tired of paying rent.

i think before i get into laying out my plan and whatnot, ill give you a quick summary of who i am so you can better understand my motivations, where im coming from, and maybe even draw similarities to your own living situations.
lets start with the interesting bits... way back in 2014 i released my animated short film "welcome to normality" then in 2015 i released my 110page paperback comic "intervals of horrible sanity". So its safe to say im an "artist", i even do my own tattoos. then the following year (2016) at the ripe old age of 22 my wife and i moved out of our apartment and bought this little house out in the country.

Since then weve started beekeeping, raising chickens, ducks and all kinds of exotic pets, growing our own produce, and had plans to even get a couple goats and lamb. You know, anything we can to make the most of our new land. Its got a great sized yard for the kids to play in, and for me, the most exciting bit was this detached building i could use as an art studio once i fixed it up and made it usable of course.

But its been over 2 years now and the studio is just barely done. (still working on the exterior and a bit of touch up type work inside)

I could blame myself, you know, starting a project and trying to juggle that and becoming farmer tim and whatnot. But my problem here isnt just the lack of funds, its the lack of time. I currently work around 50 - 60 hours a week and only have a couple hours a day to spend at home and even then my time is compartmentalized. Just the other day i had to decide whether i was going to clean the bird coops when i got home or take a trip to the city to get feeder crickets for my scorpions before the sun went down.
I know it seems like ive stretched myself too thin, and yea in some ways i have. But i couldnt help but feel like there had to be a solution, there had to be some way to afford a little homestead AND still have time to work on all my film and art projects. You know the whole having cake and eating it too, bit.
When we started our little homesteading adventure, my wife and i ended up following a bunch of poeple online who offer an endless amount of knowledge about things like growing this and that, or how to raise bees and whatnot. and there was one key thing i couldnt help but notice about a lot of these people. There was a reason they were able to spend their days working their land and still have time to actually live their lives!
So naturally my wife and i over the past few months did (about a year now) some digging, tons of research into tons of things and came out the other end with what we're calling our "16 year plan" for going off grid and becoming debt free.
In this blog series i'll be going over this plan in great detail and post regular updates as progress is made.
If youve ever watched any of those docuserieseses about people living in their dream homes or whatever, you always see them AFTER theyve gone through the process. You only see them post-build. And they all say the same things too, you know? 

"i just saved up, worked hard and it payed off in the end"

I think it would be really beneficial to people who ACTUALLY want to take charge of their lives to see it happen in real time and im willing to share my process and progress.
So if you're thinking about going off grid or just becoming debt free but are nowhere near a comfortable place in your life to start... then i highly reccomend you stay tuned for the next few bits of this series. No, not cuz i need the followers or whatever, none of my posts are even monetized. But because i genuinely believe this series could really be of help since, like i said. its in real time and im offering more than just generic advice given AFTER its all said and done.
You can progress alongside me, and if you want you can go into the comment section and we could even bounce ideas off eachother.
Anywhich, the next post will go into detail about this "16 year plan" and should be out real soon, thanks for reading!

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