Dec 19, 2018

The IoHS re-release is out! And other basic news!

I managed to FINALLY get Intervals of Horrible Sanity re-released in a proper Studio Oyashiro fashion and its lookin smexy as all hell. You should check it out here! A printed copy is $10.00 and a digital download copy is FREE so theres no reason not to at least look at it! Just look at it! (thats all you can do)
Whats new?
GREEN!!!!!! theres a splash of color within the pages now and it really makes onomatopoeia stand out like it should.
Also changed the comic dimensions from standard trade to a more modern "manga" sized book. Makes it more "fun sized".
Also re-introduced the amazing cover art Mad Dashiell did for me waaaay back when it was supposed to be a 5 part mini-series.
Aside from that i ACTUALLY HAVE been putting effort into getting other things done, like WtN's Studio Oyashiro release, moving shit into the studio (even though its still not finished), and a THUPER THEEECRET thing that ive only even HINTED at over on my Patreon!
Also just recently gave the website, here, a bit of an update. Changed images, updated hotlinks, added "pending" projects to my Art-ography list.
So yea...
2018 has been a pretty eventful year for me as a person, all things considered. I just really wish i had more time to get these projects i REALLY care about worked on. In due time, i have a plan, i'll keep you updated.