Oct 28, 2018

Off to print! And DVD news!

Since im in that weird, "where did all this hair on my body come from?" transitional re-branding phase, ive been wanting to do a re-release of my older projects.
That would be 2014's "Welcome to Normality" and 2015's "Intervals of Horrible Sanity".
I just (lastnight) sent my TIFF files off to the printer for the Studio Oyashiro release of IoHS. This release is in a new, more manageable "manga" size. So its not a long awkward paperback. It resurrects the first cover image done by Mad Dashiell and along with a few page changes, features a splash of color within the book as well, also.
I should receive the first copies in the mail some time next month and the "re-release" will go from there.
NOW then... Trying to get a new DVD made for WtN has been quite the challenge. I had originally planned on doing a bit of a "restoration" edit to it, (change the subtitle color, tweak some sounds, include a new Studio Oyashiro logo at the beginning, etc.) BUT since the original was rendered using Vegas Pro 9 and im now using Vegas Pro 15, some things refuse to be redone properly. You may have noticed this in my more recent YouTube videos with the "TIMTHESCARECROW" logo video. It adds a weird vertical interlacing that i dont know how to correct, which is fine for the logo video but obviously not for a 38 minute pre rendered film.
Aside from not getting to tweak anything to the film directly, for a time it looked like getting the thing done at all wouldn't be happening. I was publishing through CreateSpace and they have recently been shut down by Amazon. I was told that all my stuff would be carried over to their VOD service but that was some time ago now and i cant wait forever for a massive company to get their shit together.
So i found this website

Ive looked through their services and  they seem pretty legit as far as options and pricing. They offer way more than CS did as far as customization, but they lack in distribution. I guess that would be a drawback if i wasnt already "selling" my items in my Storenvy shop.
That being said, once i scrape up some scrapey scratch cash, ill be ordering a few copies of a newly authored WtN DVD.
This edition will feature, new case artwork, MAYBE an insert, new disc art, and new features to the DVD menus and such. Sadly as far as i can tell, though, no changes will be made to teh film file itself. (at this time)

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