Jun 19, 2018

'Death Brings Life' photo set now available on Patreon!

Testing out my camera, just havin fun. There IS a story behind it though, would you like to know more? Check it out on Patreon!

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Mar 3, 2018

Fun in the sun!

Couldn't think of a better title. ...sorry...

The weather was reasonable today so i got to do some work outside!

My wife and i put this bawse ass chicken coop together this morning before the post office opened, then we ran to deliver this months Patreon package.
When we got home i started to FINALLY work on Studio Oyashiro, pulled off those top boards just below the shingles cuz they were rotten and falling apart. Before i put up the shiny new boards i couldnt help but notice the massive amount of wasp nests...
I'll be setting up my apiary in between the studio and my tool shed rather than down the hill like i originally planned. Mainly cuz theres a water meter down there and i dont want some water company guy freaking out trying to sue me over emotional trauma or some crap.
Hopefully blocking up this little passage in the studio roof will result in a lower wasp count this year.

Jan 17, 2018

Good thing I already gave up on YouTube

All my videos were being yellow flagged anyway so i stopped monetizing a while ago... but this still stings. To think i was just about to upload a video sharing my excitement for getting 100 subs. Then i get an email telling me im nothing and nobody cares. Yep. Needed that today.