Dec 5, 2017

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Dec 3, 2017

Things are changing around here!

I've been making changes and updates to my "brand". Here's a short list of things to expect.

>> No more monthly "visual logs". Subjects will now be covered as they happen, rather than waiting til the end of each month and scrambling to remember what i can tell you about.
>> No more "food time" or "doin things" shows. Though i will still be recording my foods and projects, they will now fall into the VLOG category along with most other topics like above.
>> Green. My favorite color is now my accent color. Expect to see more of it, less yellow.
>> Face revealed. Nobody commented on it, so i guess either nobody cares or it went unwatched, but in my latest scorpion video i showed my real face. Expect more of that.
>> Less "FUCK" words. I'm not going for a family friendly theme or anything, but i've got 4 kids who copy every thing i do, so good examples n all that.
>> Animals and homesteading. What i think sets me apart from other artists is that i don't shy away from the dirt or growing my own food. This is something im proud to share with you, whether its want to watch it or not.
>> No more "taking it seriously". My take it serious approach was to try and make it as a "YouTuber" and establish myself as a content creator. Since i started, things changed on the site making the whole effort... pointless.

My life is changing a whole lot lately. It's been scary. My family doubled in size over night, i moved to a new house/county/town all at once, and next monday i start at my new machinery job.
Since i was 16 i've had the same job and nothing else. I was recently offered a job making more than double what i've been making and accepted. It'll be 10hour days making great money compared to the 8hour less than minimum wage that im used to.
On top of all that, my wife and i will be raising chickens (both laying hens and meat hens) this coming spring, with plans to get beehives and goats shortly after. (for honey and milk) As far as plant-life foods, i will try my hand at growing potatoes, onions, bell peppers, pumpkins, and tomatoes.
For the sake of "branding", i would like to be the guy who makes cool animations and short films and comics and such... but i know i can offer so much more. I think with my setup as it has been may have been confusing for some people. Like hey theres that "mix-bag-timthescarecrow channel"!!!
So i figure, feck it! Lets embrace the mix bag! By taking out the episodic element to the food or project based videos, all videos just seem more natural and "in-the-flow" of things.
This does reduce them all to mere VLOGS, but who cares! Apparently thats what the YouTube community wants.
Since in my lifetime of collecting AdSense money i've made $0.06, there is no reason for me to push myself forward just to have most of my videos YellowFlagged anyway. I'll be figuring out a way to make my Patreon campaign more attractive in the coming weeks, assuming i survive the New Year.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Baking Twine?