Jun 5, 2017

How being "productive" has changed me so far...

A while back I decided to tackle the "lets take this thing seriously" challenge. I'm constantly creating, constantly working on something, coming up with more and more projects that keep getting grander and more time consuming, and im loving it!
You've seen me, and you know me...
I "started out" as an animator. I did that lil thing, what was it 'Welcome to Normality', right? From there I went on to do a short comic series turned 110 page graphic novel. Doing all that while slowly pulling together the pieces needed for my feature film starring marionettes 'The Freaks of LampCord'...
Just saying, ive already had a full plate.
NOW... I've got an acre and a half of land, a studio that im still fixing up, 4 human lives under my care, a box turtle, a red eared slider, an albino corn snake, and a cat.
Those guys all require a certain level of attention and time. (i'll hopefully be adding an emperor scorpion and more corn snakes to the family pretty soon, too ^.^)
Lets add some more to that, shall we? Ive taken on some smaller projects that are still in-the-running such as 'The Daring Adventures of Chip Lancer, Space Salesman!'... and SEVERAL YouTube shows like 'DOIN THINGS' and 'FOOD TIME'...
But what about personal things that aren't done just for the sake of showing people? Well I've also been tattooing myself and a select few other people, which on its own takes up a good chunk of time and since im not licensed or verified or anything like that, I don't charge people so no money or anything other than experience is gained by doing this... but im still doing it.
Lets do a list check real quick.
Filmmaker and animator, comic writer/artist, homeowner, father of 4 humans and 4 animals, handyman, food enthusiast, amateur tattoo artist.
Holy shit to do, Batman!
As if that weren't enough, I feel compelled to do EVEN FUCKING MOAR with my time and space!

As of right this moment im still working on clearing a space for an apiary (bee yard), im studying and soaking up all beekeeping knowledge I can find. Unfortunately there is no Beekeepers Association in my county and the nearest one is one of those half-assed ones that has very minimal information posted online... but im not letting that stop me.
I've already got the number of someone who collects swarms and I intend to shadow him around if possible to gather experience before starting my own hive, and if that doesn't pan out... i'll reach out to my neighbor as im told he has a history with raising bees. (this is last resort, not cuz hes unfriendly or anything, hes a great guy, but nobody wants a pesky neighbor bothering them asking for help all the time, and I don't want to be that guy.)
Next spring i'll also begin growing my own potatoes, onions and peppers in the field... gotta get the most of the land, man!
I'm even considering going back to raising chickens... Its generally easy (we had chickens when I was a kid and I hated the mean little bastards) and I know ive got the space for em.
So then I can add beekeeper, and homesteader to the list.
Well... how has this changed me?
It appears that being productive is like a drug. Not telling based on how I feel or anything, just looking at the trend of where I started and where I've ended up now.
Having "FUCK IT" as a life motto has been, well, productive. At least in my case anyway, as a creator.

I guess like a true addict I never really noticed how "bad" it all got until I took a step back and looked at myself, where ive come from and where I see myself going. If I wanted to be cheesy I'd talk about the light at the end of the tunnel and how the future looks bright, but to be honest I don't see an end of the tunnel cuz I really cant see myself stopping this. Not to say the present state is dark, the tunnel is well lit and I think they're even using those new LED lights cuz shit looks cray!
Any negative drawbacks?
Yeh, I guess so. I haven't really touched videogames in weeks. Which most of the elderly people will tell you is a good thing but I still miss them, I guess? I dunno, I had some time the other day and I turned my PS4 on, played like 5 minutes, got bored and turned it back off.
So it isn't really that I haven't the time or im too tired, they just don't grip me the way they used to.
Anywhich, more info on things as they happen!
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