May 22, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 052217

Making of Chip Lancer Episode 1

Giving myself a honey bee tattoo

A couple hiccups this week.
A.) i fell asleep almost instantly after getting home yesterday so this post is a day late.
B.) for some reason the 3rd FOOD TIME video was saying that it was unrecognizable when i tried to embed it. Then i noticed that it was all static "error occured loading media" when i went to it. So i deleted it.... i dont have it backed up on my computer either. Oh well. I guess atleast i got 2 this week.

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  1. How did the error with the Food Time video come to pass? is their a kink in the video creation flow that prevented a video backup on your computer?

    1. No idea what happened to it once I tried to embed it. But I couldn't reupload cuz I had already deleted it. I only really keep the "important" videos backed up. Ahh well.