Apr 22, 2017

My Portal fan art became somebodies tattoo!

I was looking through images of Portal tattoos when i came across one that looked very similar to the mural i did on my bedroom wall a few years back.
black painted with a toothbrush, pink with a spray can
This took up the whole wall! Massive!
It was based on the rat man image from Portal
My version was rougher, and featured a straight line heart rather than the rounded one, (and an actually painted cube instead of a picture cut out)
And i guess someone liked it enough to take it to a very talented artist and get it permanently inked into their body!

notice the artist is a real G for giving me original illustration credit
This blows my mind! How crazy cool is that?
Anyway, the real credit for the tattoo goes to skimaskmantiac for putting in the work and doing an epic tatt!
And i know its been years since this tattoo was even done, but thanks and shouts to the guy who got this crazy cool tattoo!


  1. Well, I got it too, yesterday! ;p
    Wanna have a Look? http://imgur.com/qwjR6Yh
    Tanks man!!!

    1. What!?!? That's insane!
      I know its just a basic concept but that really means a lot to me! It looks bawse as hell on your leg, too!

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