Aug 5, 2016

Oyashiro Cafe story line-up and other things...

Ive written all the stories that'll appear in Oyashiro Café Book 1.
I also have basic write ups of some more stories to come in future issues, heres the line-up of stories for Book 1
"Time to Go", "Catch a Predator Pts 1-3", "Purgatory of the Fathers Pts 1-5", "The Note", "49 & 50", "YOU TOOK HIM FROM ME!"
Book 1 will also include exclusive access to an animated short titled "VELOCITY RAPTOR Pt 1"
Future stories in future issues include these titles
Further adventures for...
VELOCITY RAPTOR, Catch a Predator, Purgatory of the Fathers
And new stories such as
Wander, But I Killed Her, Mustard the Chameleon Must Die, DRAW, The Exchange, An Isolated Terror, Kaiju Hunters, Fear Itself, Untitled Space Opera, Left Handed Racist
If this list of titles tells you anything, it should tell you just how much shit is constantly going through my head. Ive constantly got all these stories tossing around in my head... along with my other stories like WtN, IoHs, TFoL, the Irish Horror Trilogy... jayzuz chroist mayte, no wonder I have nightmares every night.
Heres just a few topics I wanna graze over in this post!
-I have added new merch to the merchy place since the last time I posted, so check that out if you want! New things like sticker packs, prop dolls used in Welcome to Normality, and even signed copies of Intervals of Horrible Sanity!
-The script for The Freaks of LampCord is about 85%-90% complete! Just one more scene to write, and then a possible epilogue. Also recorded the lines already for TWO characters voiced by Klaus tehKurios and Spooktergeist!
-I'll be recording a Visual Log some time soon, not much to really show but still have some things I wanna record for it, so look for that too.
-My twins are due to be born any day now, my poor wife looks like shes about to pop any minute, im both excited and scared... more scared than anything... its gonna change my life for a bit and its likely that all progress on my projects will be put on hold until they're atleast out of diapers.
- If you're into my whole gaming thing you should know that Ive changed my streaming service to YouTube instead of Twitch cuz its easier to use and doesn't complicate things with multiple web hosts. I have pre-ordered No Mans Sky and I will (hopefully) be playing it and streaming it. (unless ofcourse my tiwns prove to be a real handful.

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