Jul 1, 2016

MERCH FOR DAYS! and other news

Alllll mutha firkin righty guys! After several hours doing research into separate online artists shops, setting up an Etsy cesspool THEN TEARING IT ALL DOWN! ... Finally, ive set up some merch!
*powered by storenvy*
What do I got? Buttons! Magnets! Customized Notebook & Pen Combos! Necklaces! Canvas Paintings!
Also... for the first time ever... I have... a SIGNED Welcome to Normality DVD!
Theres more to come in the near future, too! Like sticker packs, temporary tattoos, MORE signed DVDs and comics, special editions to future releases (like that smexy case I showed previously) and more!
Also just wanted to bring up a few site update notes.
-The memoriam tab now features what I like to call "backer" credits, pay-to-win credits added in their own separate list.
-I took off the google "members" box in the bottom right corner for 2 reasons, 1.) nobody used it 2.) well, they probably didn't anyway cuz I found out it wasn't optimized for all browsers.
-All the above mentioned merch is now listed on the store tab with clickable links that take you right to the action!
-Also, kind of old... but I have uploaded some new shirt designs into the shirt shop. I'd like to apologize for the (in my opinion) high prices on the shirts. Spreadshirt had some weird system reset and now I cant control their prices anymore.
Also some other, other news!
Phil Tippett's MAD GOD is finally a thing!

When I had first heard of MAD GOD all those years ago I shit allover myself in excitement. I was so inspired by the trailer alone that I included (to the best of my ability) an homage to the scene of The Assassin walking down the cave steps, into WtN with Pete entering the underground reservation.
At the time it was in the process of raising Kickstarter funds and unfortunately at the time I didn't have any money so I couldn't contribute... which left me in the dark.
And I remained in the dark until I noticed an article on dA posted about Tippett. I then found out that it had recently been completed (2 parts of 4 anyway) and was available for purchase... so I bought it.
And its AMAZING! My only complaint is that its too short. Phil and his team created A MASTERPIECE that unfortunately only lasts for 20something minutes :/
But even still, well worth the money and watching it idk... 100 times?

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