Jun 28, 2016

Introducing DOIN THINGS with TimTheScarecrow!

Ive started what I guess you could call a 'series' where ill be doing all sorts of DIY type projects around my house and showing people some useful tips along the way. I know its not my usual type of video but I do come from an Instructables background and I love the idea of inspiring people to get creative, even if its just around the house.
Anywhich ive already got the first vid up and ready for the watching titled "Texturing Walls - Doin Things Episode 1".
Side news, Klaus, Spooktergeist and I joined forces for one of Klaus' Patreon Reports! That's right, I finally got on Skype again! I don't know when he'll be showing it, but it was a pretty fun time. (I promise)
Ive also been recording more of my lines for HDET and working on tattoo stuff. Hopefully I can hit you guys with some REAL news soon!