May 27, 2016

I Finally Moved!

Im almost done unpacking most things. The house I bought has a BUNCH of tiny problems that need fixing so they've been keeping me busy. (cracks in walls from settling, paint, new doorknobs etc.)
And... my studio needs some work done before I can go back to making movie stuff. *sideways face*
Ill upload a video in a lil bit showing you what I mean. But its all fun and games from then on guys!
I also started a scorpion tattoo on my wrist, ill post pictures of that on dA in a little bit. Wont be finishing it til I get more ink though.
In a couple days I think ill be putting together a "reel" of my voice acting prowess, and announce a little "TimTheScarecrow FREE Voice Acting" thing. Where I live now theres a lot of quiet and plenty of time to record even without having my studio done.

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