May 27, 2016

I Finally Moved!

Im almost done unpacking most things. The house I bought has a BUNCH of tiny problems that need fixing so they've been keeping me busy. (cracks in walls from settling, paint, new doorknobs etc.)
And... my studio needs some work done before I can go back to making movie stuff. *sideways face*
Ill upload a video in a lil bit showing you what I mean. But its all fun and games from then on guys!
I also started a scorpion tattoo on my wrist, ill post pictures of that on dA in a little bit. Wont be finishing it til I get more ink though.
In a couple days I think ill be putting together a "reel" of my voice acting prowess, and announce a little "TimTheScarecrow FREE Voice Acting" thing. Where I live now theres a lot of quiet and plenty of time to record even without having my studio done.

May 7, 2016

FREE COMICS for Free Comic Book Day 2016!

--->NOT LINK<--- --->LINK<--- --->NOT LINK<---
Click the pastry chef outta that link to snatch some free digital downloads of my previous comics!
The ORIGINAL issues for Intervals of Horrible Sanity (#1-#5) should ALL be free!
There might be a problem with issues #1 and #3, where they miiiiiight not be free due to some technical error but if they aren't... don't complain! We're talking FREE stuff here!

In honor of Mothers Day (tomorrow) imma leave em up so... you know, you can download some weird comics for your mom or something!
Some time Monday they'll go back into the Disney Vault with the McRibb and and Pepsi Vanilla!
So snatch this shit up!