Apr 19, 2016

Irish horror trilogy update

Due to a HORRIFYING nightmare I had lastnight that woke me up in the middle of the night... I now have the entire 2nd part of the irish horror trilogy written out in my head. All it needs is to be typed out and its done. Inspiration hits me in the worst fucking ways. My wife said she was jealous that I could just come up with stories like that and Im over here like "bitch I wish I didn't have nightmares all the time, they fuckin suck and ruin sleep". lelz
But yeah, if you're into my "signature" style of storytelling and also love weird as fuck horror movies then get your excited pants on cuz im making big promises with these films.
The 3rd part of the trilogy I now have a fairly basic idea of what will happen in it but only major plotpoints, no characters or anything fleshy yet.
All of this and more coming rather quickly after I get my studio up and running.

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