Apr 19, 2016

Irish horror trilogy update

Due to a HORRIFYING nightmare I had lastnight that woke me up in the middle of the night... I now have the entire 2nd part of the irish horror trilogy written out in my head. All it needs is to be typed out and its done. Inspiration hits me in the worst fucking ways. My wife said she was jealous that I could just come up with stories like that and Im over here like "bitch I wish I didn't have nightmares all the time, they fuckin suck and ruin sleep". lelz
But yeah, if you're into my "signature" style of storytelling and also love weird as fuck horror movies then get your excited pants on cuz im making big promises with these films.
The 3rd part of the trilogy I now have a fairly basic idea of what will happen in it but only major plotpoints, no characters or anything fleshy yet.
All of this and more coming rather quickly after I get my studio up and running.

Apr 15, 2016

Buying a house and making a multiverse...

Status update- I left the market for renting a house cuz apparently trying to get a place to rent is like trying to win the lottery, EVERYONE is looking and only 1 person gets it. Trying to find a house got so ridiculously fucked, we'd call a guy and hed be like "yeah come check the house out" then get a call back saying "nevermind I don't give a fuck about you, the house is already taken".
So I turned to a realtor and said "lets buy a house yo". And holy fuck its been smooth sailing from there on.
A very long and very complicated process, but its not hard, and its not stressful.
Anywhich, we're in the middle of the "closing" part of buying a house which ive been told usually takes about a month. Once that's done we'll be moving and I probably wont have internet for a while :/
But fear not.
I wont have internet cuz my current provider is COMPLETE ASS (AT&T). I'll be switching to TimeWarner after we get moved in, but like... priorities and chet.
So I wont be on for a while but once im back ill be posting A LOT of stuff.
(possibly gaming vids, showing off my new studio, new tattoos, concept arts, etc.)
I have been thinking about that Irish horror trilogy I mentioned a while back.
The first movie (title not 100% sure on) "Escape From Kitten Island" is shaping up to be pretty amazing if it turns out anything like what I see in my head.
I don't have a title for the trilogy (yet) you know, like the Cornetto Trilogy or the True North Trilogy... but I do have a theme set.
Since its an Irish horror/comedy trilogy I thought it'd be cool to tie it into the metaphysical meaning of the celtic Trinity knot.
BODY- a body horror. similar to Tusk, Human Centipede, Slither. You know, movies that fuck with the human anatomy in ways they REALLY shouldn't.
MIND- a psychological horror. Personally my favorite type of horror/thriller. Psychological horrors are the best cuz A LOT is usually left up to viewer interpretation.
SPIRIT- a ghost, poltergeist, haunting, possession? type movie... anything having to do with spooks.
And don't worry I haven't forgotten about my WAKE UP universe.
*Welcome to Normality, Intervals of Horrible Sanity, The Freaks of LampCord*
TFoL is still being done, but like the other stuff im working on its been put on hold until I get my shite unpacked at the new place.
That graphic novel series/ animated web series "MUTED DREAMS" has been retitled "OYASHIRO CAFE'"
The reason for the retitle is simple. I want it to resemble the short-lived Mirage series "Plastron Cafe'". Which was an anthology series featuring several stories by several writers in one issue, meant as a sort of place for the guys down at Mirage to chill and get their shorter, possibly non-canon stories out there.
My "studio" OYASHIRO is just me. So I don't really have anyone to "chill" with in a way like that, but I think itd be a cool way to throw a lot of my characters into one place where they can go on mini adventures and all be seen in one light.
Right now OYASHIRO has 3 primary universes, the WAKE UP universe, the TimTheScarecrow universe (omg so meta), and the Irish Crème universe (possible trilogy name?)... however I have SOOO FUCKING MANY short stories bouncing off the walls in my head that aren't really attached to ANY of those stories. Yeah, some of em feature the same characters, but may not really fit in the "main canon" of its respective universe. So OYASHIRO CAFE' would be a great multiverse project that basically said "I don't give a fuck about how many walls this is breaking, its happening *cough* Velocity Raptor *cough* hes a raptor that rides dirtbikes in space *cough*.
Get ready for some awesome chet guyses.