Oct 31, 2016

The Final Harvest of 2016 Has Begun!

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New T-Shirts! New Sticker Pack! FREE New Desktop Wallpaper!

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Oct 19, 2016

FREE Shipping on all my t-shirts!

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Oct 8, 2016


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Aug 5, 2016

Oyashiro Cafe story line-up and other things...

Ive written all the stories that'll appear in Oyashiro Café Book 1.
I also have basic write ups of some more stories to come in future issues, heres the line-up of stories for Book 1
"Time to Go", "Catch a Predator Pts 1-3", "Purgatory of the Fathers Pts 1-5", "The Note", "49 & 50", "YOU TOOK HIM FROM ME!"
Book 1 will also include exclusive access to an animated short titled "VELOCITY RAPTOR Pt 1"
Future stories in future issues include these titles
Further adventures for...
VELOCITY RAPTOR, Catch a Predator, Purgatory of the Fathers
And new stories such as
Wander, But I Killed Her, Mustard the Chameleon Must Die, DRAW, The Exchange, An Isolated Terror, Kaiju Hunters, Fear Itself, Untitled Space Opera, Left Handed Racist
If this list of titles tells you anything, it should tell you just how much shit is constantly going through my head. Ive constantly got all these stories tossing around in my head... along with my other stories like WtN, IoHs, TFoL, the Irish Horror Trilogy... jayzuz chroist mayte, no wonder I have nightmares every night.
Heres just a few topics I wanna graze over in this post!
-I have added new merch to the merchy place since the last time I posted, so check that out if you want! New things like sticker packs, prop dolls used in Welcome to Normality, and even signed copies of Intervals of Horrible Sanity!
-The script for The Freaks of LampCord is about 85%-90% complete! Just one more scene to write, and then a possible epilogue. Also recorded the lines already for TWO characters voiced by Klaus tehKurios and Spooktergeist!
-I'll be recording a Visual Log some time soon, not much to really show but still have some things I wanna record for it, so look for that too.
-My twins are due to be born any day now, my poor wife looks like shes about to pop any minute, im both excited and scared... more scared than anything... its gonna change my life for a bit and its likely that all progress on my projects will be put on hold until they're atleast out of diapers.
- If you're into my whole gaming thing you should know that Ive changed my streaming service to YouTube instead of Twitch cuz its easier to use and doesn't complicate things with multiple web hosts. I have pre-ordered No Mans Sky and I will (hopefully) be playing it and streaming it. (unless ofcourse my tiwns prove to be a real handful.

Jul 22, 2016

The internet and its many mysteries...

I just got a spike of 152 views on my website in one day. (from an average of 13) The top source linking people here? Some Russian porn site...
Da-Fuq Internet, Da-Fuq?

Jul 1, 2016

MERCH FOR DAYS! and other news

Alllll mutha firkin righty guys! After several hours doing research into separate online artists shops, setting up an Etsy cesspool THEN TEARING IT ALL DOWN! ... Finally, ive set up some merch!
*powered by storenvy*
What do I got? Buttons! Magnets! Customized Notebook & Pen Combos! Necklaces! Canvas Paintings!
Also... for the first time ever... I have... a SIGNED Welcome to Normality DVD!
Theres more to come in the near future, too! Like sticker packs, temporary tattoos, MORE signed DVDs and comics, special editions to future releases (like that smexy case I showed previously) and more!
Also just wanted to bring up a few site update notes.
-The memoriam tab now features what I like to call "backer" credits, pay-to-win credits added in their own separate list.
-I took off the google "members" box in the bottom right corner for 2 reasons, 1.) nobody used it 2.) well, they probably didn't anyway cuz I found out it wasn't optimized for all browsers.
-All the above mentioned merch is now listed on the store tab with clickable links that take you right to the action!
-Also, kind of old... but I have uploaded some new shirt designs into the shirt shop. I'd like to apologize for the (in my opinion) high prices on the shirts. Spreadshirt had some weird system reset and now I cant control their prices anymore.
Also some other, other news!
Phil Tippett's MAD GOD is finally a thing!

When I had first heard of MAD GOD all those years ago I shit allover myself in excitement. I was so inspired by the trailer alone that I included (to the best of my ability) an homage to the scene of The Assassin walking down the cave steps, into WtN with Pete entering the underground reservation.
At the time it was in the process of raising Kickstarter funds and unfortunately at the time I didn't have any money so I couldn't contribute... which left me in the dark.
And I remained in the dark until I noticed an article on dA posted about Tippett. I then found out that it had recently been completed (2 parts of 4 anyway) and was available for purchase... so I bought it.
And its AMAZING! My only complaint is that its too short. Phil and his team created A MASTERPIECE that unfortunately only lasts for 20something minutes :/
But even still, well worth the money and watching it idk... 100 times?

Jun 28, 2016

Introducing DOIN THINGS with TimTheScarecrow!

Ive started what I guess you could call a 'series' where ill be doing all sorts of DIY type projects around my house and showing people some useful tips along the way. I know its not my usual type of video but I do come from an Instructables background and I love the idea of inspiring people to get creative, even if its just around the house.
Anywhich ive already got the first vid up and ready for the watching titled "Texturing Walls - Doin Things Episode 1".
Side news, Klaus, Spooktergeist and I joined forces for one of Klaus' Patreon Reports! That's right, I finally got on Skype again! I don't know when he'll be showing it, but it was a pretty fun time. (I promise)
Ive also been recording more of my lines for HDET and working on tattoo stuff. Hopefully I can hit you guys with some REAL news soon!

May 27, 2016

I Finally Moved!

Im almost done unpacking most things. The house I bought has a BUNCH of tiny problems that need fixing so they've been keeping me busy. (cracks in walls from settling, paint, new doorknobs etc.)
And... my studio needs some work done before I can go back to making movie stuff. *sideways face*
Ill upload a video in a lil bit showing you what I mean. But its all fun and games from then on guys!
I also started a scorpion tattoo on my wrist, ill post pictures of that on dA in a little bit. Wont be finishing it til I get more ink though.
In a couple days I think ill be putting together a "reel" of my voice acting prowess, and announce a little "TimTheScarecrow FREE Voice Acting" thing. Where I live now theres a lot of quiet and plenty of time to record even without having my studio done.

May 7, 2016

FREE COMICS for Free Comic Book Day 2016!

--->NOT LINK<--- --->LINK<--- --->NOT LINK<---
Click the pastry chef outta that link to snatch some free digital downloads of my previous comics!
The ORIGINAL issues for Intervals of Horrible Sanity (#1-#5) should ALL be free!
There might be a problem with issues #1 and #3, where they miiiiiight not be free due to some technical error but if they aren't... don't complain! We're talking FREE stuff here!

In honor of Mothers Day (tomorrow) imma leave em up so... you know, you can download some weird comics for your mom or something!
Some time Monday they'll go back into the Disney Vault with the McRibb and and Pepsi Vanilla!
So snatch this shit up!

Apr 19, 2016

Irish horror trilogy update

Due to a HORRIFYING nightmare I had lastnight that woke me up in the middle of the night... I now have the entire 2nd part of the irish horror trilogy written out in my head. All it needs is to be typed out and its done. Inspiration hits me in the worst fucking ways. My wife said she was jealous that I could just come up with stories like that and Im over here like "bitch I wish I didn't have nightmares all the time, they fuckin suck and ruin sleep". lelz
But yeah, if you're into my "signature" style of storytelling and also love weird as fuck horror movies then get your excited pants on cuz im making big promises with these films.
The 3rd part of the trilogy I now have a fairly basic idea of what will happen in it but only major plotpoints, no characters or anything fleshy yet.
All of this and more coming rather quickly after I get my studio up and running.

Apr 15, 2016

Buying a house and making a multiverse...

Status update- I left the market for renting a house cuz apparently trying to get a place to rent is like trying to win the lottery, EVERYONE is looking and only 1 person gets it. Trying to find a house got so ridiculously fucked, we'd call a guy and hed be like "yeah come check the house out" then get a call back saying "nevermind I don't give a fuck about you, the house is already taken".
So I turned to a realtor and said "lets buy a house yo". And holy fuck its been smooth sailing from there on.
A very long and very complicated process, but its not hard, and its not stressful.
Anywhich, we're in the middle of the "closing" part of buying a house which ive been told usually takes about a month. Once that's done we'll be moving and I probably wont have internet for a while :/
But fear not.
I wont have internet cuz my current provider is COMPLETE ASS (AT&T). I'll be switching to TimeWarner after we get moved in, but like... priorities and chet.
So I wont be on for a while but once im back ill be posting A LOT of stuff.
(possibly gaming vids, showing off my new studio, new tattoos, concept arts, etc.)
I have been thinking about that Irish horror trilogy I mentioned a while back.
The first movie (title not 100% sure on) "Escape From Kitten Island" is shaping up to be pretty amazing if it turns out anything like what I see in my head.
I don't have a title for the trilogy (yet) you know, like the Cornetto Trilogy or the True North Trilogy... but I do have a theme set.
Since its an Irish horror/comedy trilogy I thought it'd be cool to tie it into the metaphysical meaning of the celtic Trinity knot.
BODY- a body horror. similar to Tusk, Human Centipede, Slither. You know, movies that fuck with the human anatomy in ways they REALLY shouldn't.
MIND- a psychological horror. Personally my favorite type of horror/thriller. Psychological horrors are the best cuz A LOT is usually left up to viewer interpretation.
SPIRIT- a ghost, poltergeist, haunting, possession? type movie... anything having to do with spooks.
And don't worry I haven't forgotten about my WAKE UP universe.
*Welcome to Normality, Intervals of Horrible Sanity, The Freaks of LampCord*
TFoL is still being done, but like the other stuff im working on its been put on hold until I get my shite unpacked at the new place.
That graphic novel series/ animated web series "MUTED DREAMS" has been retitled "OYASHIRO CAFE'"
The reason for the retitle is simple. I want it to resemble the short-lived Mirage series "Plastron Cafe'". Which was an anthology series featuring several stories by several writers in one issue, meant as a sort of place for the guys down at Mirage to chill and get their shorter, possibly non-canon stories out there.
My "studio" OYASHIRO is just me. So I don't really have anyone to "chill" with in a way like that, but I think itd be a cool way to throw a lot of my characters into one place where they can go on mini adventures and all be seen in one light.
Right now OYASHIRO has 3 primary universes, the WAKE UP universe, the TimTheScarecrow universe (omg so meta), and the Irish Crème universe (possible trilogy name?)... however I have SOOO FUCKING MANY short stories bouncing off the walls in my head that aren't really attached to ANY of those stories. Yeah, some of em feature the same characters, but may not really fit in the "main canon" of its respective universe. So OYASHIRO CAFE' would be a great multiverse project that basically said "I don't give a fuck about how many walls this is breaking, its happening *cough* Velocity Raptor *cough* hes a raptor that rides dirtbikes in space *cough*.
Get ready for some awesome chet guyses.

Mar 21, 2016


Yes, that's right! You heard it hear! Ladies and gentlemen, trannies and trainwrecks, come one, come all! Step right up and check this shit out!
Up in the top tabs of my website you'll notice a new link to a page cleverly called "Wallpapers". Why's it clever!?
Cuz when you click it... it takes you to a page filled with wallpapers! Genius right?
But if you're too lazy for all that you could just click this link here and find yourself there anyway!
I'll be uploading more wallpapers later on as my current projects further and produce stills or artwork I deem worthy of being desktop'd.

Feb 8, 2016

When it rains it fuckin' POURS!

So this past Thursday has got to be the most stressful day of my entire life, hands down. By the end of the day I was seriously like "fuck it" to the world and everyone in it.
Lets start the rant at 4:30AM.
I usually get up at 4:40AM and go into work by 5:00AM. But my bastard ass neighbors, who im sure ive mentioned before, decided that 4 IN THE FUCKING MORNING is the best time to fuck eachothers brains out, slamming their bed against the wall and screaming and what-not.
(History check - These people, if they aren't fighting and throwing things at eachother, they're fucking all hours of the day. I honestly have no idea when these assholes sleep. They have had noise AND domestic violence complaints against them before, both with the landlord and with the cops (and not just by me, other neighbors are fed up with their shit too) I have confronted them directly and NONE OF IT seems to effect them. If anything they get louder each time someone complains to or about them.)
Anywhich, I was woken up 10 minutes before my alarm went off (which really pissed me off). So I did a typical crabby old woman and pounded on the celieng about 4 times. In what im guessing is retaliation, they got out of bed, stomped on the floor and then went back to doing it even LOUDER and more obnoxious.
So... before I went to work I figured "They're disturbing the peace, ive made it known that I can hear them and they still don't care. Time to get the cops involved."
When the phone call to the cops had ended I really needed to go or id be late unloading the truck at work. So I left my wife to deal with the cop for the witness statement or whatever.
For whatever reason the cop said he legally couldn't do anything other than ask them to keep it down, and so he did. That was the end of that.
Now lets fast forward to 8:00AM. I didn't get to eat or drink anything at home because of all the shit goin on with the cops so I grabbed a bottle of water at work and waited til the store opened at 8 so I could pay for it. When I go to pay for it I swiped my debit card (since I don't carry cash) and the machine said "DEBIT FRAUD, PLEASE DESTROY CARD AND CONTACT AUTHORITIES". Luckily this was the place where I work and everyone knows me so none of that business went down. But I did go into the break room and call the bank to see what was going on.
The lady at the bank said my account was frozen cuz there was a suspicious purchase. And I was like "oh yeah, I did just buy something online, that could be it" and she said the purchase that triggered it was from Match.com. and I was like "What the fuck!?"
Then she kept listing off new and pending purchases that were coming through as we fucking spoke which had EMPTIED MY ENTIRE CHECKING ACCOUNT. Apparently somebody got ahold of my email info and my debit card info and was spending my hard earned money like it was nothing.
So after running to the bank, filing several disputes, cancelling my current card, changing my email address etc. etc. I was able to get the whole identity theft pretty much sorted out. Still don't know who the fuck stole all my money but atleast they no longer have access to my account. And HOPEFULLY all the disputes will go through and i'll get all my money back. Hopefully...
I went back to work for about an hour but then had to leave early cuz I completely forgot about my wifes doctors appointment for her first ultrasound.
(oh yeah my wifes pregnant BTW. I think I completely forgot to boast about it)
Anyway, I stay home with the boys, stewing in what a shitty day its been so far, while she and my mom go to the doctor place. A couple hours later she returns with ultrasound pictures. You know? The shitty quality "Isnt the baby cute?" "Yeah sure if you say so" pictures. And shes sitting there shoving them in my face saying "you see anything weird?" and im already irritated as it is so im like "just fucking tell me, you know these pictures make no sense to me"
... and my wife says "Twins.".
For those of you that don't know... My two sons, and what was supposed to be a 3rd child were ALL planned. None of them accidental. We have both said that we wanted 3 children and wanted them young so we're not old as fuck when they grow up, cuz lets face it, old people cant do as much. Might as well live while you can actually live.
No part of me EVER wanted to raise 4 fucking kids at once! Let alone 2 babies at once! We atleast waited until our oldest was out of diapers before having Anakin, and waited for him to be house trained too before having what we thought would just be a 3rd.
I know I sound ungrateful and all, but trust me. I love my boys to pieces and im sure ill love the twins just as much... but god fucking damn that particular day was not the best day to get that kind of news.
Cuz it all adds up to this.
I need to move cuz my neighbors are Teh Suck and ive got 4 total kids to worry about. But I cant move because all of my money has been stolen by an identity thief. Rephrased- I don't have the funds or the housing to support the lives dependent on me. And having that kind of responsibility on your shoulders and knowing theres nothing you can really do is really fucking taxing.
Later that night. (yes the same fucking night, lets say 9:30ish PM)
My wife and mom are sitting at the kitchen table talking about baby stuff. Im sitting on the couch trying to play LEGO Batman 3 and forget about what a shit day ive had. My sons are in their room playing with my 2 sisters. We get a knock at the door. I open it thinking it would be my 3rd sister as she had just gotten off work... nope its a cop. He comes in looking real confused.
He says "Did we get a call from here?"
To which I reply "We called thismorning why?"
Cop "This is --- address right?"
Me "Yeah but we didn't call the cops recently, we did this morning on our upstairs neighbors but that was at like 4 something in the morning"
Cop "We got a domestic violence call saying a man was beating a woman in this apartment"
Me "Are you kidding me?"
... Another cop enters my apartment... apparently this was the same cop from the call earlier that day.
AS SOON AS HE WALKED IN and saw who we were
he pointed upstairs and said "I know what this shit is. They falsely reported domestic violence coming from your apartment."

He then went on to say that we were in no way in trouble, he was sorry to have bothered us and he then headed upstairs to basically tell them to cut their shit.
It just really fucking razzes me to know that people like this exist. People who would intentionally try to ruin your life by either hacking into your bank account and emptying it, or calling the cops with a claim that if that had gone down the way they hoped... I could have been arrested and my kids could have been taken away.... just because of some fucking petty assholes.

Jan 25, 2016

Patreon CANCELLED bitches!

I decided against doing a Patreon thing for various reasons. Im an artist who's trying to get ripped (or just really really fit), making a (hopefully) feature film while also putting together ANOTHER graphic novel. I'm also trying to cover my left arm in 100% done-by-myself tattoos while also going to work 5 days a week so I can afford to live. In my free time I clean the litterbox, take out trash, do dishes (sometimes, fuck dishes), play some PS4 and raise my 2.5 kids to the best of my ability. I'm no businessman though, and I know Patreon doesn't really count as a business but the last thing I want to add to that list above is the fact that I'd have to worry about making sure I got shit covered from month to month.
By covered I mean making sure ive got an interesting video to show every month, making sure theres a wide variety of sticker designs, making sure the loot is worth the money taken and making sure the money taken can even cover the loot and shipping. That's just not how I want to spend some of my days.
I do like to take some time off of the creative wheels every now and then, just spend time with my wife lady and go to the zoo and shit. There are MONTHS in which I don't really get anything artistic done, why? Cuz im a people. And art isn't a job. If im getting paid monthly and I HAVE to do something worth showing for every month then it becomes a job.
Fear-not mufhuggas!
I will still be making all that beautiful swag-nasty merch available soon via my store tab here on the site.  (as soon as I get moved out of this hell hole and settled into a new nest)

Jan 9, 2016

I'll be posting more soon

Im not dead!
(cuz you were totally worried I was, right?)
I realize I haven't done a Visual Log in about 3 or 4 months. I've been quiet and junk.
BUT I should be posting more soon hopefully and finally furthering in TFoL progress. Im really hoping I can move pretty soon cuz right now im a big negative mush due to my new upstairs neighbors.
Have got to be the loudest people... But yeah. looking for a new place that doesn't include neighbors in such close proximity. Maybe a change of scenery and being able to think straight will help me get back into  a more productive mindset. :)