Dec 13, 2015

Finding a canvas

So i got myself a FUHKING beautiful tattoo gun... i named her Betty White.
And ofcourse with great technology comes a lot of people asking me to do such n such. But anywhich this is what came of my first day owning the tattoo gun. (See pictures below and junk)
Did a Medicinal Ingenuity butterfly on my brothers arm. Started out with the thermal transfer paper.

My brothers tattoo finished. Also did a MI butterfly on his woman's foot.
This one was just freehand drawn though.

I did one of my signature crows on my hand
along with my favorite number 12:51 on my finger.

NOTE: Leave your nay saying behind. I know what im doing. I do clean surfaces, i switch needles, switch the ink, etc... im not a fucking retard. I plan on primarily using the tattoo gun on MYSELF! I do NOT want to "start a business" "get an apprenticeship" or make any kind of money AT ALL doing tattoos. I simply 100% got the gun to work on my sleeve and such. But as these photos show, people insist i tattoo them. I dont mind it, but i dont want it. Any extra tattoo work i have to do that ISNT on myself will ruin it for me and ill lose interest. I'd like to keep this hobby fun and not make work out of it.

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