Dec 26, 2015

Explaining my "Memoriam" Page

So I have had a couple of people in the IRL land ask me about my "Memoriam" tab on my website. Apparently it wasn't clear what it was so here we go.

Since I, TimTheScarecrow, am the sole editor of this site and honestly everything else I do... I don't really have anyone I can entrust all my shite to if I were to pass on. Yeah ive got a wife and kids and junk and I love them slightly more than ice cream, but A LOT of things are kept hidden in my head that NO BUHDY has heard of or about. (i.e. where all of this is going, my methods, future stories, what some stories mean, passwords, etc.)
And its not really about trust, its more about the name. If I were to die, I'd want TimTheScarecrow as he was when I left him. Not saying I don't trust anyone to do it justice or to give it a good eulogy or whatever, but idk really, its just ME. I wouldn't want my character and his characters being fucked with in ANY way, whether it be in a positive way, negative or anything.
I don't want it to disappear and be shut down, I don't want my works that are TBA to ever be released post mortem either. If im gone that's it. My "legacy" will remain, and it will remain as is. No reboots, no sequels, or even an OVA. lel
That being said (and it should go without saying) I went ahead and wrote my own Obituary to ensure that nobody else can fuck that up either. I understand that by the time I DO finally kick the rustybucket things may need to be updated and they will be accordingly.
Now im not saying that im READY to die or that im even prepared to, thinking about death is FUCKING TERRIFYING. Just know that I do expect to die. I'm no immortal, I understand that people die everyday for numerous reasons and more often than not you're never prepared for it and it comes as a shock. So lets just chalk it up to keeping up to speed with the inevitable. -.^
NOTE: I was first inspired to do so WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY back in the day... like back in the MySpace days when a guy from New Zealand who I used to play games with Via Steam and Ventrilo suddenly stopped getting online. A couple of us gamer buddies just thought "well maybe hes got shit to do" until a couple of months later his sister logs into his account and sends all his contacts pretty much a message saying that he had passed away and she had only just then discovered his passwords and such. Im ashamed to say that I cant remember his name or honestly how he died, but a loss is a loss and it hurt regardless. His steam account and MySpace stayed active for about a week and filled with messages from his online friends paying respects and trying to lift the spirits of his sister who had then taken over the accounts. For whatever reason she eventually shut it all down, and what was left of him (online) for us to remember him by was gone.
I'm selfish for saying this, I know, but I don't want to disappear.

Dec 13, 2015

Finding a canvas

So i got myself a FUHKING beautiful tattoo gun... i named her Betty White.
And ofcourse with great technology comes a lot of people asking me to do such n such. But anywhich this is what came of my first day owning the tattoo gun. (See pictures below and junk)
Did a Medicinal Ingenuity butterfly on my brothers arm. Started out with the thermal transfer paper.

My brothers tattoo finished. Also did a MI butterfly on his woman's foot.
This one was just freehand drawn though.

I did one of my signature crows on my hand
along with my favorite number 12:51 on my finger.

NOTE: Leave your nay saying behind. I know what im doing. I do clean surfaces, i switch needles, switch the ink, etc... im not a fucking retard. I plan on primarily using the tattoo gun on MYSELF! I do NOT want to "start a business" "get an apprenticeship" or make any kind of money AT ALL doing tattoos. I simply 100% got the gun to work on my sleeve and such. But as these photos show, people insist i tattoo them. I dont mind it, but i dont want it. Any extra tattoo work i have to do that ISNT on myself will ruin it for me and ill lose interest. I'd like to keep this hobby fun and not make work out of it.