Nov 13, 2015

IoHS graphic novel OUT NOW!

Below is the "trailer" I made for the IoHS graphic novel.
As always I try to keep things both sublime and to the point, without giving any spoilers of course. Or perhaps there were spoilers?
Who killed the kid?
I don't blame you if you don't snatch yourself a copy, money is money after all. I'm just glad its out there and if you want to check it out, awesomesauce!
A while back I mentioned on my deviantART that I probably wont be making standard comics anymore and that I might even take down the 5 standard sized IoHS comics. I've decided that when I die I want to be known as a guy who tackled a graphic novel (whether it was well received or not). I just like the idea of it saying "graphic novel" rather than "short lived comic series".
But that's just like, my opinion man...
You can think otherwise, but to be honest, your opinion doesn't matter. I love feedback (positive and negative) but in the end its my choice.
Anywhich... ill be taking down the "mini series" on January 1st 2016. So if you still haven't gotten one and wanted to, theres your chance. lel
For now lets look at this bawse ass trailer I scrapped together!
Intervals of Horrible Sanity (GRAPHIC NOVEL TRAILER)