Oct 15, 2015

tehKurios News!

So my animator buddy who you all know and love Klaus tehKurios... who I haven't talked to in like 15+ years... has been doing a lot of really cool stuffs and I thought I'd use the power of www.TimTheScarecrow.com and its 15view per day average to help spread the word... like chicken pox... or pink eye.
School of Demons (Alpha Version)

This was just recently posted by Klaus and theres no telling how long it'll be up, so be sure to check it out before it goes back in the Disney vault with the McRib!
Even though theres no voices in this alpha clip, I DO voice ONE of these characters, care to guess which one? Its very interesting even in its alpha state and some of the shots look VERY great and *cough* deserve proper frontside seats to see the light of day.
HDET 10: Spooky Toons, Boo!

So if you are a Patreon supporter of Klaus then you are pretty much all caught up with HDET and know what this is. BUT if now, this is pretty much the "Halloween Special" for the show. Rather than making this a Patreon exclusive, in holiday spirit the Great Klaus rose up out of the pumpkin patch and made this episode public for the good boys and girls!    ...yes. I got a rock.
If you want, just loop the last 30 or so seconds of the video for an ultimate unlimited dance party marathon!