Sep 12, 2015

Graphic novels

So I don't think im gonna do comics anymore. Standard comics anyway. I had fun releasing IoHS in 5 mini comic parts but ORIGINALLY I wanted to make it as a film, then I was like "well a graphic novel would be cool".
Then my dumb ass was like "why not release It as a series? see how people take to it.". I still like the way they turned out but, idk. Just didn't feel right. So I (as you should already know) decided FUCK-IT i'll just mash em together and forge a graphic novel yet.
COULD - NOT - BE - HAPPIER with the result.
Anywhich... My new screw around story time series "Muted Dreams" WILL NOT be standard comics. Like I said, I do like how the comics turned out... but I really love being able to look at something with a little more meat to it and saying "hey. I made that shit".
Nah mean?
Instead Muted Dreams will be a graphic novel series that will be fitted into manga sized books. I cant get enough of that spine tho, and I think paper backs look even better when they're short. So paper back manga series it is. Dill with it.
Yes this will mean itll take a little longer to release them but what-evs, I didn't ever plan on setting release dates for them anyway. They're spur of the moment comics I do as I please.... about insanity.
Other news on other shit coming soon!

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