Aug 13, 2015

Starting The Freaks of LampCord and other news...

I may have seemed a little "quiet" lately cuz, well i have been. On August 2nd i woke up and found my Kaloni cat had died. This was a really painful blow since she had just turned 7 last month and still had a lot of time left with us. She liked to eat spiders and my neighbor had (the day before) found a brown recluse behind her fridge. Not saying that was what killed her, but it seems highly likely and our vet did confirm that it was likely something she had eaten that did it since our other cat is OLDER than her and perfectly healthy. I didnt react too well and kind of shut myself in for a few days. The shock didnt come from the fact that she died but the fact that i just dont and never will know how or why. She deserved a viking funeral but i had to rush to bury her in the earth before my sons woke up. They're still young and i dont think they'd understand death all too well but i still cant see myself trying to explain it to them.
Her sudden, unexpected and undeserved death did make me look at life a lot differently. At any given moment we could just fucking die. There are so many things that could happen and theres nothing we can do to prevent or stop it. So why not live it up? If you've got shit to do, do it! If you dont want to do anything, then by all means... DONT. Why even bother? As long as you're happy and it doesnt effect anyone else, knock yourself out.
Anyway, as i think ive said before, ive always felt that i wont live past my early 30's so i decided to get my shit together because life really is fragile and it can be taken away at any moment... i want to make these next 10 years count and see where it goes from there.
All the sad sappy stuff aside, i havent updated because i dont like being bothered with "aw im sorry" and "my heart goes out to you" and all that crap... i honestly would rather not bring it up.
BUT within the blank time.... i have.... FINISHED Intervals of Horrible Sanity and as soon as i get the proof copy of Issue#5 i'll release it.
I should also mention that on October 31st ill be releasing the "graphic novel" version which is the 110page book containing all 5 issues, so if you havent caught up, theres an easy way out.
Since the comic is done ive officially started on The Freaks of LampCord and my side project "MUTED DREAMS".
MUTED DREAMS is my "anthology" comic/animation series that'll tell a bunch of smaller stories that dont really have the meat to take up a stand alone title. The art/animation styles will vary and will change at will. Some stories will be long and told in multiple parts and others will be as small as a single page. its just that kind of project.
As for The Freaks of LampCord, im about 13 pages into the script right now, a lot of it was pre-written about 6 years ago, so im mostly just revising a VERY rough draft at this point. I'm also slowly gathering pieces to build the stage and doing blueprinty sketches for it. I haven't touched the marionettes yet, so all the progress i had a year ago stands where it is. The film, despite the style and title, is intended to be a romantic comedy... inside Silent Hill. So if that doesnt sound like your flavor of applesauce, you're S.O.L.
I REALLY wanted to explore the "comedy" side of films cuz ROLO. WtN was originally MUCH longer, there were several parts of it that were really funny but the film wasnt intended to be funny so i cut em' out. WtN was my "Sci-Fi Adventure" project, then IoHS was my "Detective Noir" type project. So why the hell not try out romantic comedy, right? Right.
Anywhich... expect a visual log next month and more infos on that Patreon thing, make every day count guys.

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