Aug 18, 2015

IoHS #5 and Patreon update!

Issue #5 of Intervals of Horrible Sanity is finally out and available for that lookin at! It's the final issue in the series and though it was a lot of fun working on it, im glad its done. i LOVE having finished projects almost as much as i love working on them. Having something completed gives me a boost in pride and confidence. so when people say smart ass shit like "lets see your movie!" or "its not easy making comics!" ... i can be like "BITCH! PLEASE..."
Plus ya know, IoHS was a story i really wanted to tell since like the minute i finished WRITING Welcome to Normality... except back then i wanted to call it "Invaders Must Die", kinda fitting but idk.
In Patreon news!
I'll be (hopefully) starting my Patreon thingy next month (September 2015)! Except... i'll only be offering the TIER 1 and TIER 2 reward systems for now until either February or March of next year, then i'll make the TIER 3 rewards available.
2 reasons why the delay on SWAG NASTY TIER 3
1.) i am VERY tech-illiterate and all this newfangled technology really tightens my panties into a bunch, so i'd like to just ease in to the Patreon thing and try to keep things "simple" for me... sorta like dipping my foot in the water before jumping in.
2.) February or March << i get my tax moneys back sometime in those 2 months and i'd really like to HAVE money in advanced so i can keep my (self made) promise to bring my SWAG NASTY partons (if any) the best and coolest stuff every month without going "Sorry kids, no food this week, i gotta send these packages." Ok... thats exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.
-RaNt AlErT-
I like to play it safe when it comes to money and chet and its paid off... i cant stand it when people are NON-STOP complaining about how poor they are, yet they complain via Facebook post on their brand new iPhone 15-s3000.

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