Jul 24, 2015

Cheaper shirts and IoHS #4

Kick this thing off by stating that all my T-Shirts are now $2.00 cheaper than before! So if they were too rich for your blood before, maybe now they look more appealing eh? Plus i promise more designs are coming soon, i honestly completely forgot about them til just now.
LINK >> http://timthescarecrow.spreadshirt.com/

Plus Intervals of Horrible Sanity Issue 4 is now available for looking at! Just one more to go before its complete. Hope you've enjoyed the ride.
LINK >> http://www.indyplanet.com/front/?product=127541

Jul 16, 2015

Update 071615 PLUS PICTURES!

Visual Log 071615

Been workin on some awesome stuff for the comics and the bawse ass merch. The conversion from sketch to dolls is in part to symbolize the move from IoHS to WtN (chronologically), but also in part because i really wanted to work with my hands again doin some mix media madness!
Heres some pictures to show you how cray-z shit is.

>>Click the pictures to make them bigger.<<