Jun 29, 2015

Patreon rewards revealed! Plus other fun chet coming AUTUMN 2015

The TimTheScarecrow Patreon ERA will begin sometime THIS FALL (2015) and to start the much needed Hype-Train I've decided to announce what "reward" tiers await.

Tier 1
DIGITAL PACK ($1.00 monthly) <<unlimited>>
What you get:
- 1 exclusive video (behind the scenes, how-to, sneak peek, etc.)
- 1 1920x1080 digital wallpaper

Tier 2
STICKER PACK ($5.00 monthly) <<unlimited>>
What you get:
- Rewards from DIGITAL PACK
- 8 stickers delivered in the mail

Tier 3
SWAG NASTY PACK ($12.00 monthly) <<limited to 12 patrons>>
What you get:
- Rewards from DIGITAL and STICKER PACKS
- 1 loot-filled package (collectibles, accessories, art, film props, merch-a-plenty)
If you support me through the SWAG NASTY TIER for 12 whole months, your 12th package will be a massive case containing merch worth over $100.00. Meaning if you start  supporting through the SWAG NASTY TIER in January, your December Package will be the MEGA CASE.

Hype? I'll have pictures of the Mega Case up soon but for now...
This Fall should also be around the time I release the 5th and final issue of Intervals of Horrible Sanity (should be). Then I can finally resume production of my 2nd big film project, The Freaks of LampCord.    -witness me

Jun 8, 2015

People, a story of their suck.

Once upon a lonely rock, a creature stood so proud and righteous. The creature multiplied almost as if the day were to be it's last. The creature and it's ever-growing offspring began to change and mold the lonely rock into something quite beautiful and filled with magic and wonder.
And they all sucked.