May 30, 2015

Caught in the middle of a Sanity storm!

Before we begin- I saw the new MAD MAX movie the other while ago... I LUB'D IT!
You know how there was the Gameboy then the Gameboy color? Not much of a difference.
THEN there was Gameboy Advanced! that's like a Gameboy 2.0! Even further there was a Gameboy advanced SP! which was like a Gameboy 2.5!
Pretend im the Gameboy... no... you don't have to blow on the cartridge.
I switched to TTS 2.0 and it was a big update which came with a new logo, new costume and a slightly more ballsy attitude. Now if the Gameboy marketing has taught me anything, its that anything with a .5 at the end is bound to be the SHIIITTTT!!!!!!
So here it is peeps. Im making my patches slowly building up to a TTS2.5. its like the 2.0 build only fuckin sexy! (and with more shit to do/see/experience/love)

What to expect from a new and improved incoming TimTheScarecrow 2.5
- spiffed out costume (FREE TO YOU)
- 1 new emblem. QR coded WAKE UP. (FREE TO YOU)
- new comics <---plural
- new film (FREE TO YOU)
- new interactive experience (que?)
- new merch

So put on your shittin pants cuz its about to get real!
Also in some immediate news... The pixel, stencil, and sketch butterfly shirts have been removed from my shirts shop. 2 new shirt designs have been brought in so far with several more to follow. The first shirt has many Oyashiro looking up at my new QR emblem with mad respect. The second shirt is a simple Oyashiro on the back of the shirt looking up at YOU with mad respect!
And last but not least (I think) Intervals of Horrible Sanity #3 is out today! So check that chet out if ya feel like it!

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