Mar 2, 2015

The 5 Verses of Horrible Sanity

Verse 1
"I saw a corpse on the road today.
My heart twisted and legs crippled,
and all the sheeple carried on.
Why does 'HUMANITY' only apply to the human?
We're all just a bunch of fucking animals."

Verse 2
"Even the innocent act of being alive
puts you in danger."

Verse 3
"Misfortune holds no favorites.
Everybody suffers...
They'll lose their jobs, their homes,
and eventually, their minds."

Verse 4
"Do what you wish with the truth
in your hands."

Verse 5
"The scent haunts him like a
fading memory.
He stares death in the face.
'CONFORM!', pleads the puppeteer..."

Analysis: Verse 1
It can be a sickening experience to open your eyes for the first time and notice that not all life is treated equal. Most find it easy to pass the life of any creature other than themselves off as insignificant and not even worth a passing glance. The death of what most see as an 'inferior' being goes unnoticed and without mourn.

--- I felt I had to give some extra insight on that first verse since I tend to use it a lot within my universe. It was originally a poem I had written in my head on my way to school one morning. I was walking along the road when I noticed a cat had been hit in the middle of the road. I stopped in shock when I realized that I was the only person around who seemed to even notice. Cars continued to drive over it's lifeless body making no attempt to swerve or even slow down to make sure it wasn't still alive. I sort of lost faith in that structure we like to slap the label of "humanity" on.
TimTheScarecrow + Moose

I titled that poem "for moose", the name of my childhood best friend and most bawse-ass cat to walk the earth. To clear up any further confusion, no, he wasn't hit by a car. I gave him the title dedication because that's all I can really offer to my late friend, and the story does have a significance to his passing. He died of old age (medical term for bodily failure), when I discovered his death I couldn't find the ability to make words, only tears. It didn't break my heart, it cut it in half and let everything pour out from my face. Meanwhile the world kept turning, people had jobs to go to, kids to send off to school, lovers to spend time with.
Even within my own household things moved on. The only hiccup to note that his death caused was the time it took for my mom to say "Aw... im sorry." My world was FUCKING GONE and all that happened in retaliation was "Aw... im sorry."!
There was no official funeral, no autopsy, no investigation, not even any fucking forms to fill out for the government to file with the census!

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