Mar 24, 2015

More wood for the fire.

So ever since I published the first issue of Intervals of Horrible Sanity i kinda started tossing around this idea in my head for a comic series that is a COMPLETE break from the rest of my "normal" universe. The idea is that it wouldn't take itself seriously and it would be as over the top and nonsensical as possible.
I don't want to give away too many things about it but i am willing to say it would involve dinosaurs, mad max stylized road rage, goblins, and ofcourse... 'splosions.
I don't want to go the route i went with IoHS where everything is shaded and finely drawn to the best of my ability with a ballpoint pen. For this series i was wanting to maybe try using mostly markers and much bigger lines, to try and bring a cartoon feel to it. ODDLY enough this seems like its going to be a challenge for me as ive NEVER really done cartoony stuff before.
Im working on Issue 4 of IoHS right now and once i get issue 5 done, ill start to focus on my next film project The Freaks of LampCord, ya know... to keep the film blood pumpin. I'm not going to set aside time to work on this over-the-top comic like i did with IoHS, instead ill just save it for those fatigue days when working on the film starts to tear my flesh apart.
Thank you and i hope the 3 people who bought IoHS issue 1 really liked it and are looking forward to issue 2 which should be coming out sometime really soon (sorry for the delay).

Also in this issue!
Visual Log 030215


  1. You had me at dinosaurs. Then again at Mad Max, and again at goblins and explosions. This sounds like exactly my kind of comic, and I'm looking forward to reading the next issue of IoHS when it comes out :)

    I myself have some comic plans. Ones that are in actual completed comicbook form rather than the updating as I go webcomic thing, although I will continue that eventually. One is a pretty silly superhero comic series that I want to do with ridiculously over the top action scenes and all that shit. I've got the main character pretty much sorted and started outlining the story for one of the issues where she has to vs a crazy kidnapping and villainous dominatrix. The other is a more disturbing kind of horror abuse story called Whoregoria. It's a stand alone that came to me in a dream and I was like YEP, that has to happen.

    I think taking nonsensical comic breaks when the filmmaking stuff starts to feel slightly soul crushing is a really good idea. It might make things take a little longer, but you'll be able to have a better outside view of it when you aren't just in the same world the entire time and it will probably do a lot to help keep you interested in it and enjoying it.

    Thanks so much for the Epheria shoutout, guy! :D

    1. No problem, and that sounds flippin sweet! Definitely let us peeps know when you do it.
      IoHS #2 proof just shipped out to me today, so I should have it released in about 3 days. And about that side comic thing,. I was wanting to make a thing that had the feel of FLCL and Kill La Kill where everything is just so fast paced and random that you cant help but go with it.... with 'pocalypse cars and mythical beasties.
      you should check for the printed stuff. I know there are tons others but im thuper pleased with how they do bidness.
      (plus they give me $10 in comic money everytime I wear their shirt to a convention or comic book store event)