Mar 11, 2015

I now have a Twitch account!

You can watch me LIVE playin video games when im streamin em'!
Take a look now with this clickable link!
So, yehh... now you can see what im really up to when im "working" on "things". If im playin games ill try to stream as often as possible to give you a chance to pull up in there and leave me hateful messages like "Y U NO ANIMATING?" or something cheery like that.
I dunno, I see this as a good thing I guesss. I do play videogames quite a bit and when im not working on my comic or movies or whatever I could STILL be putting something out there for you lovely people to watch (cuz you just cant get enough of me), its a win-win. I still get to play videojuegos and you still get to envy my max lvl prowess!
NOTE- If im NOT streaming, you'll see a banner that says "NO SCARECROWS BEYOND THIS POINT". If you see that im either asleep, at work, doin artsy stuff, or otherwise busy.
The more you know :D

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