Mar 30, 2015

Don't stop me now!

Heh heh... Queen.
Anywhich... I've tossed YET AN-OTHER project onto my To Do list.
Ya see, with OLIVER I tried an internet bending storytelling form that (to me) was really interesting. I wanted to tell a story without actually saying a damn thing, you just had to stay tuned to slowly unravel just what the hell I was doing. I also relied on outside-of-the-video sources to help flesh out the story.
I think during the 3rd episode of OLIVER I started out as if I were recording a Visual Log but then OLIVER pops up and wrecks it. THEN I uploaded the ACTUAL Visual Log I was supposed to be recording, with the OLIVER intrusion edited out.
I was trying to go for a "This story is happening in real-time and everything I do is directly tied into it and same goes for the other way around." I even converted it to a WebComic series once the IRL me got into working on the comic and I thought I did it in a pretty clever way making it sort of an interactive experience. (clicked a link to continue... wooo.)
BUT... where I think I failed miserably is the fact that nobody really cared and in a lot of cases didn't understand it either.
So... using what ive learned with that project (and other projects I did in the past, before any of you knew me ^.^), im gonna take a much more... ambitious step with this next bit of insanity. All I really want to say about it right now is that it'll involve a lot more participation from the viewers (victims), and ill be doing it using a technique that I haven't really seen done since like 2009. Ofcourse back in 2009 the internet wasn't really what it is today, so hopefully when I re-try this experience it'll be MUCH easier for people to understand AND follow through with.
The sense of mystery is strong with this one.
That crazy comic idea I mentioned in my previous post is to assume the identity of a previous project that never went anywhere, this is a good thing! Cuz now it has EVEN more content to be worked into it!
While thinking on the interactive project mentioned above I got a splendid idea on how to make this comic EVEN MORE bawse. I want to include QR codes or links or whatever on the covers of the comic thatll send those that scan it to an animated preview of whats indside the comic. WHY!?!?!
Cuz im Tim The Fuckin Scarecrow! That's why! 2.0 bitches!
And it wont be like animated panels from the comic either, itll be like (demo story incoming) say theres a guy in the comic and his tire gets flattened and while hes fixing it, a feck ton of bandits come out of nowhere and he battles them.
You scan the QR code and the video you watch is a stopmotion animation of a bunch of paranoid marauders who think this guy driving through the wasteland is the one who kidnapped their shaman, so they blow out his tire.
Sound interesting?

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