Jan 28, 2015

Who am I?

As i begin alternating phases of the TimTheScarecrow arc, i look back and the ever-taunting question eating its own tail is following me. "Who Am I?"
Am i my own being or am i just working for my mind? Did i make my characters or am i simply living their lives for them, unaware that i have no real control over their fates and life decisions?
Then i zoom out... am i TimTheScarecrow, the guy who plays god with millions of intertwining lives without any concern? Could that possibly be me? I dawn the costume, it must be me.
Or am i just living out that character's life as well?
Then i look under the skin... could it be that I am OYASHIRO? The self-absorbed street artist with spying eyes on every corner? Its not like i care, right? If i really don't care what you think of me then why do i strive to do my best? Why does it matter so deeply that harsh words can knock me down and kick at my chest? I don't care, right?
Might it be possible that i am the crow and the world is the menacing silhouette in the field, watching my every move waiting for me to fuck up, waiting so blackened eyes can laugh in my face?
Then i breathe... i let it out. I see an answer to the question.
I can be whoever i choose to be, but how do i know if im really the one choosing?

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