Dec 26, 2015

Explaining my "Memoriam" Page

So I have had a couple of people in the IRL land ask me about my "Memoriam" tab on my website. Apparently it wasn't clear what it was so here we go.

Since I, TimTheScarecrow, am the sole editor of this site and honestly everything else I do... I don't really have anyone I can entrust all my shite to if I were to pass on. Yeah ive got a wife and kids and junk and I love them slightly more than ice cream, but A LOT of things are kept hidden in my head that NO BUHDY has heard of or about. (i.e. where all of this is going, my methods, future stories, what some stories mean, passwords, etc.)
And its not really about trust, its more about the name. If I were to die, I'd want TimTheScarecrow as he was when I left him. Not saying I don't trust anyone to do it justice or to give it a good eulogy or whatever, but idk really, its just ME. I wouldn't want my character and his characters being fucked with in ANY way, whether it be in a positive way, negative or anything.
I don't want it to disappear and be shut down, I don't want my works that are TBA to ever be released post mortem either. If im gone that's it. My "legacy" will remain, and it will remain as is. No reboots, no sequels, or even an OVA. lel
That being said (and it should go without saying) I went ahead and wrote my own Obituary to ensure that nobody else can fuck that up either. I understand that by the time I DO finally kick the rustybucket things may need to be updated and they will be accordingly.
Now im not saying that im READY to die or that im even prepared to, thinking about death is FUCKING TERRIFYING. Just know that I do expect to die. I'm no immortal, I understand that people die everyday for numerous reasons and more often than not you're never prepared for it and it comes as a shock. So lets just chalk it up to keeping up to speed with the inevitable. -.^
NOTE: I was first inspired to do so WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY back in the day... like back in the MySpace days when a guy from New Zealand who I used to play games with Via Steam and Ventrilo suddenly stopped getting online. A couple of us gamer buddies just thought "well maybe hes got shit to do" until a couple of months later his sister logs into his account and sends all his contacts pretty much a message saying that he had passed away and she had only just then discovered his passwords and such. Im ashamed to say that I cant remember his name or honestly how he died, but a loss is a loss and it hurt regardless. His steam account and MySpace stayed active for about a week and filled with messages from his online friends paying respects and trying to lift the spirits of his sister who had then taken over the accounts. For whatever reason she eventually shut it all down, and what was left of him (online) for us to remember him by was gone.
I'm selfish for saying this, I know, but I don't want to disappear.

Dec 13, 2015

Finding a canvas

So i got myself a FUHKING beautiful tattoo gun... i named her Betty White.
And ofcourse with great technology comes a lot of people asking me to do such n such. But anywhich this is what came of my first day owning the tattoo gun. (See pictures below and junk)
Did a Medicinal Ingenuity butterfly on my brothers arm. Started out with the thermal transfer paper.

My brothers tattoo finished. Also did a MI butterfly on his woman's foot.
This one was just freehand drawn though.

I did one of my signature crows on my hand
along with my favorite number 12:51 on my finger.

NOTE: Leave your nay saying behind. I know what im doing. I do clean surfaces, i switch needles, switch the ink, etc... im not a fucking retard. I plan on primarily using the tattoo gun on MYSELF! I do NOT want to "start a business" "get an apprenticeship" or make any kind of money AT ALL doing tattoos. I simply 100% got the gun to work on my sleeve and such. But as these photos show, people insist i tattoo them. I dont mind it, but i dont want it. Any extra tattoo work i have to do that ISNT on myself will ruin it for me and ill lose interest. I'd like to keep this hobby fun and not make work out of it.

Nov 13, 2015

IoHS graphic novel OUT NOW!

Below is the "trailer" I made for the IoHS graphic novel.
As always I try to keep things both sublime and to the point, without giving any spoilers of course. Or perhaps there were spoilers?
Who killed the kid?
I don't blame you if you don't snatch yourself a copy, money is money after all. I'm just glad its out there and if you want to check it out, awesomesauce!
A while back I mentioned on my deviantART that I probably wont be making standard comics anymore and that I might even take down the 5 standard sized IoHS comics. I've decided that when I die I want to be known as a guy who tackled a graphic novel (whether it was well received or not). I just like the idea of it saying "graphic novel" rather than "short lived comic series".
But that's just like, my opinion man...
You can think otherwise, but to be honest, your opinion doesn't matter. I love feedback (positive and negative) but in the end its my choice.
Anywhich... ill be taking down the "mini series" on January 1st 2016. So if you still haven't gotten one and wanted to, theres your chance. lel
For now lets look at this bawse ass trailer I scrapped together!
Intervals of Horrible Sanity (GRAPHIC NOVEL TRAILER)

Oct 15, 2015

tehKurios News!

So my animator buddy who you all know and love Klaus tehKurios... who I haven't talked to in like 15+ years... has been doing a lot of really cool stuffs and I thought I'd use the power of and its 15view per day average to help spread the word... like chicken pox... or pink eye.
School of Demons (Alpha Version)

This was just recently posted by Klaus and theres no telling how long it'll be up, so be sure to check it out before it goes back in the Disney vault with the McRib!
Even though theres no voices in this alpha clip, I DO voice ONE of these characters, care to guess which one? Its very interesting even in its alpha state and some of the shots look VERY great and *cough* deserve proper frontside seats to see the light of day.
HDET 10: Spooky Toons, Boo!

So if you are a Patreon supporter of Klaus then you are pretty much all caught up with HDET and know what this is. BUT if now, this is pretty much the "Halloween Special" for the show. Rather than making this a Patreon exclusive, in holiday spirit the Great Klaus rose up out of the pumpkin patch and made this episode public for the good boys and girls!    ...yes. I got a rock.
If you want, just loop the last 30 or so seconds of the video for an ultimate unlimited dance party marathon!

Sep 12, 2015

Graphic novels

So I don't think im gonna do comics anymore. Standard comics anyway. I had fun releasing IoHS in 5 mini comic parts but ORIGINALLY I wanted to make it as a film, then I was like "well a graphic novel would be cool".
Then my dumb ass was like "why not release It as a series? see how people take to it.". I still like the way they turned out but, idk. Just didn't feel right. So I (as you should already know) decided FUCK-IT i'll just mash em together and forge a graphic novel yet.
COULD - NOT - BE - HAPPIER with the result.
Anywhich... My new screw around story time series "Muted Dreams" WILL NOT be standard comics. Like I said, I do like how the comics turned out... but I really love being able to look at something with a little more meat to it and saying "hey. I made that shit".
Nah mean?
Instead Muted Dreams will be a graphic novel series that will be fitted into manga sized books. I cant get enough of that spine tho, and I think paper backs look even better when they're short. So paper back manga series it is. Dill with it.
Yes this will mean itll take a little longer to release them but what-evs, I didn't ever plan on setting release dates for them anyway. They're spur of the moment comics I do as I please.... about insanity.
Other news on other shit coming soon!

Aug 18, 2015

IoHS #5 and Patreon update!

Issue #5 of Intervals of Horrible Sanity is finally out and available for that lookin at! It's the final issue in the series and though it was a lot of fun working on it, im glad its done. i LOVE having finished projects almost as much as i love working on them. Having something completed gives me a boost in pride and confidence. so when people say smart ass shit like "lets see your movie!" or "its not easy making comics!" ... i can be like "BITCH! PLEASE..."
Plus ya know, IoHS was a story i really wanted to tell since like the minute i finished WRITING Welcome to Normality... except back then i wanted to call it "Invaders Must Die", kinda fitting but idk.
In Patreon news!
I'll be (hopefully) starting my Patreon thingy next month (September 2015)! Except... i'll only be offering the TIER 1 and TIER 2 reward systems for now until either February or March of next year, then i'll make the TIER 3 rewards available.
2 reasons why the delay on SWAG NASTY TIER 3
1.) i am VERY tech-illiterate and all this newfangled technology really tightens my panties into a bunch, so i'd like to just ease in to the Patreon thing and try to keep things "simple" for me... sorta like dipping my foot in the water before jumping in.
2.) February or March << i get my tax moneys back sometime in those 2 months and i'd really like to HAVE money in advanced so i can keep my (self made) promise to bring my SWAG NASTY partons (if any) the best and coolest stuff every month without going "Sorry kids, no food this week, i gotta send these packages." Ok... thats exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.
-RaNt AlErT-
I like to play it safe when it comes to money and chet and its paid off... i cant stand it when people are NON-STOP complaining about how poor they are, yet they complain via Facebook post on their brand new iPhone 15-s3000.

Aug 17, 2015

New "members" feature on the website

I finally got around to doing that whole Members thingy for the site. You can find it on the right side, bottom box. Go ahead and JOIN so you can get your pretty picture put in the box!

Aug 13, 2015

Starting The Freaks of LampCord and other news...

I may have seemed a little "quiet" lately cuz, well i have been. On August 2nd i woke up and found my Kaloni cat had died. This was a really painful blow since she had just turned 7 last month and still had a lot of time left with us. She liked to eat spiders and my neighbor had (the day before) found a brown recluse behind her fridge. Not saying that was what killed her, but it seems highly likely and our vet did confirm that it was likely something she had eaten that did it since our other cat is OLDER than her and perfectly healthy. I didnt react too well and kind of shut myself in for a few days. The shock didnt come from the fact that she died but the fact that i just dont and never will know how or why. She deserved a viking funeral but i had to rush to bury her in the earth before my sons woke up. They're still young and i dont think they'd understand death all too well but i still cant see myself trying to explain it to them.
Her sudden, unexpected and undeserved death did make me look at life a lot differently. At any given moment we could just fucking die. There are so many things that could happen and theres nothing we can do to prevent or stop it. So why not live it up? If you've got shit to do, do it! If you dont want to do anything, then by all means... DONT. Why even bother? As long as you're happy and it doesnt effect anyone else, knock yourself out.
Anyway, as i think ive said before, ive always felt that i wont live past my early 30's so i decided to get my shit together because life really is fragile and it can be taken away at any moment... i want to make these next 10 years count and see where it goes from there.
All the sad sappy stuff aside, i havent updated because i dont like being bothered with "aw im sorry" and "my heart goes out to you" and all that crap... i honestly would rather not bring it up.
BUT within the blank time.... i have.... FINISHED Intervals of Horrible Sanity and as soon as i get the proof copy of Issue#5 i'll release it.
I should also mention that on October 31st ill be releasing the "graphic novel" version which is the 110page book containing all 5 issues, so if you havent caught up, theres an easy way out.
Since the comic is done ive officially started on The Freaks of LampCord and my side project "MUTED DREAMS".
MUTED DREAMS is my "anthology" comic/animation series that'll tell a bunch of smaller stories that dont really have the meat to take up a stand alone title. The art/animation styles will vary and will change at will. Some stories will be long and told in multiple parts and others will be as small as a single page. its just that kind of project.
As for The Freaks of LampCord, im about 13 pages into the script right now, a lot of it was pre-written about 6 years ago, so im mostly just revising a VERY rough draft at this point. I'm also slowly gathering pieces to build the stage and doing blueprinty sketches for it. I haven't touched the marionettes yet, so all the progress i had a year ago stands where it is. The film, despite the style and title, is intended to be a romantic comedy... inside Silent Hill. So if that doesnt sound like your flavor of applesauce, you're S.O.L.
I REALLY wanted to explore the "comedy" side of films cuz ROLO. WtN was originally MUCH longer, there were several parts of it that were really funny but the film wasnt intended to be funny so i cut em' out. WtN was my "Sci-Fi Adventure" project, then IoHS was my "Detective Noir" type project. So why the hell not try out romantic comedy, right? Right.
Anywhich... expect a visual log next month and more infos on that Patreon thing, make every day count guys.

Jul 24, 2015

Cheaper shirts and IoHS #4

Kick this thing off by stating that all my T-Shirts are now $2.00 cheaper than before! So if they were too rich for your blood before, maybe now they look more appealing eh? Plus i promise more designs are coming soon, i honestly completely forgot about them til just now.

Plus Intervals of Horrible Sanity Issue 4 is now available for looking at! Just one more to go before its complete. Hope you've enjoyed the ride.

Jul 16, 2015

Update 071615 PLUS PICTURES!

Visual Log 071615

Been workin on some awesome stuff for the comics and the bawse ass merch. The conversion from sketch to dolls is in part to symbolize the move from IoHS to WtN (chronologically), but also in part because i really wanted to work with my hands again doin some mix media madness!
Heres some pictures to show you how cray-z shit is.

>>Click the pictures to make them bigger.<<

Jun 29, 2015

Patreon rewards revealed! Plus other fun chet coming AUTUMN 2015

The TimTheScarecrow Patreon ERA will begin sometime THIS FALL (2015) and to start the much needed Hype-Train I've decided to announce what "reward" tiers await.

Tier 1
DIGITAL PACK ($1.00 monthly) <<unlimited>>
What you get:
- 1 exclusive video (behind the scenes, how-to, sneak peek, etc.)
- 1 1920x1080 digital wallpaper

Tier 2
STICKER PACK ($5.00 monthly) <<unlimited>>
What you get:
- Rewards from DIGITAL PACK
- 8 stickers delivered in the mail

Tier 3
SWAG NASTY PACK ($12.00 monthly) <<limited to 12 patrons>>
What you get:
- Rewards from DIGITAL and STICKER PACKS
- 1 loot-filled package (collectibles, accessories, art, film props, merch-a-plenty)
If you support me through the SWAG NASTY TIER for 12 whole months, your 12th package will be a massive case containing merch worth over $100.00. Meaning if you start  supporting through the SWAG NASTY TIER in January, your December Package will be the MEGA CASE.

Hype? I'll have pictures of the Mega Case up soon but for now...
This Fall should also be around the time I release the 5th and final issue of Intervals of Horrible Sanity (should be). Then I can finally resume production of my 2nd big film project, The Freaks of LampCord.    -witness me

Jun 8, 2015

People, a story of their suck.

Once upon a lonely rock, a creature stood so proud and righteous. The creature multiplied almost as if the day were to be it's last. The creature and it's ever-growing offspring began to change and mold the lonely rock into something quite beautiful and filled with magic and wonder.
And they all sucked.

May 30, 2015

Caught in the middle of a Sanity storm!

Before we begin- I saw the new MAD MAX movie the other while ago... I LUB'D IT!
You know how there was the Gameboy then the Gameboy color? Not much of a difference.
THEN there was Gameboy Advanced! that's like a Gameboy 2.0! Even further there was a Gameboy advanced SP! which was like a Gameboy 2.5!
Pretend im the Gameboy... no... you don't have to blow on the cartridge.
I switched to TTS 2.0 and it was a big update which came with a new logo, new costume and a slightly more ballsy attitude. Now if the Gameboy marketing has taught me anything, its that anything with a .5 at the end is bound to be the SHIIITTTT!!!!!!
So here it is peeps. Im making my patches slowly building up to a TTS2.5. its like the 2.0 build only fuckin sexy! (and with more shit to do/see/experience/love)

What to expect from a new and improved incoming TimTheScarecrow 2.5
- spiffed out costume (FREE TO YOU)
- 1 new emblem. QR coded WAKE UP. (FREE TO YOU)
- new comics <---plural
- new film (FREE TO YOU)
- new interactive experience (que?)
- new merch

So put on your shittin pants cuz its about to get real!
Also in some immediate news... The pixel, stencil, and sketch butterfly shirts have been removed from my shirts shop. 2 new shirt designs have been brought in so far with several more to follow. The first shirt has many Oyashiro looking up at my new QR emblem with mad respect. The second shirt is a simple Oyashiro on the back of the shirt looking up at YOU with mad respect!
And last but not least (I think) Intervals of Horrible Sanity #3 is out today! So check that chet out if ya feel like it!

May 23, 2015

Always watch your back...

The ink marks the beginning of TimTheScarecrow Patch 2.5.0. More changes and events to come; don't touch that dial now... we're just getting started.

May 8, 2015

Last chance on select t-shirts!

If you want em, GET EM!
These shirts will no longer be available after May 29th!
All butterfly shirts will be gone and makin room for newer, better shirts!
 Also in this issue!
Visual Log 050815

May 2, 2015

Get IoHS #1 and #2 FREE all May 2nd!

Happy free comic book day guys!
Check these snazzy links to get FREE digital downloads of both Intervals of Horrible Sanity ISSUE #1, and ISSUE #2!

The offer lasts all through Saturday, May 2nd!

Mar 30, 2015

Don't stop me now!

Heh heh... Queen.
Anywhich... I've tossed YET AN-OTHER project onto my To Do list.
Ya see, with OLIVER I tried an internet bending storytelling form that (to me) was really interesting. I wanted to tell a story without actually saying a damn thing, you just had to stay tuned to slowly unravel just what the hell I was doing. I also relied on outside-of-the-video sources to help flesh out the story.
I think during the 3rd episode of OLIVER I started out as if I were recording a Visual Log but then OLIVER pops up and wrecks it. THEN I uploaded the ACTUAL Visual Log I was supposed to be recording, with the OLIVER intrusion edited out.
I was trying to go for a "This story is happening in real-time and everything I do is directly tied into it and same goes for the other way around." I even converted it to a WebComic series once the IRL me got into working on the comic and I thought I did it in a pretty clever way making it sort of an interactive experience. (clicked a link to continue... wooo.)
BUT... where I think I failed miserably is the fact that nobody really cared and in a lot of cases didn't understand it either.
So... using what ive learned with that project (and other projects I did in the past, before any of you knew me ^.^), im gonna take a much more... ambitious step with this next bit of insanity. All I really want to say about it right now is that it'll involve a lot more participation from the viewers (victims), and ill be doing it using a technique that I haven't really seen done since like 2009. Ofcourse back in 2009 the internet wasn't really what it is today, so hopefully when I re-try this experience it'll be MUCH easier for people to understand AND follow through with.
The sense of mystery is strong with this one.
That crazy comic idea I mentioned in my previous post is to assume the identity of a previous project that never went anywhere, this is a good thing! Cuz now it has EVEN more content to be worked into it!
While thinking on the interactive project mentioned above I got a splendid idea on how to make this comic EVEN MORE bawse. I want to include QR codes or links or whatever on the covers of the comic thatll send those that scan it to an animated preview of whats indside the comic. WHY!?!?!
Cuz im Tim The Fuckin Scarecrow! That's why! 2.0 bitches!
And it wont be like animated panels from the comic either, itll be like (demo story incoming) say theres a guy in the comic and his tire gets flattened and while hes fixing it, a feck ton of bandits come out of nowhere and he battles them.
You scan the QR code and the video you watch is a stopmotion animation of a bunch of paranoid marauders who think this guy driving through the wasteland is the one who kidnapped their shaman, so they blow out his tire.
Sound interesting?

Mar 24, 2015

More wood for the fire.

So ever since I published the first issue of Intervals of Horrible Sanity i kinda started tossing around this idea in my head for a comic series that is a COMPLETE break from the rest of my "normal" universe. The idea is that it wouldn't take itself seriously and it would be as over the top and nonsensical as possible.
I don't want to give away too many things about it but i am willing to say it would involve dinosaurs, mad max stylized road rage, goblins, and ofcourse... 'splosions.
I don't want to go the route i went with IoHS where everything is shaded and finely drawn to the best of my ability with a ballpoint pen. For this series i was wanting to maybe try using mostly markers and much bigger lines, to try and bring a cartoon feel to it. ODDLY enough this seems like its going to be a challenge for me as ive NEVER really done cartoony stuff before.
Im working on Issue 4 of IoHS right now and once i get issue 5 done, ill start to focus on my next film project The Freaks of LampCord, ya know... to keep the film blood pumpin. I'm not going to set aside time to work on this over-the-top comic like i did with IoHS, instead ill just save it for those fatigue days when working on the film starts to tear my flesh apart.
Thank you and i hope the 3 people who bought IoHS issue 1 really liked it and are looking forward to issue 2 which should be coming out sometime really soon (sorry for the delay).

Also in this issue!
Visual Log 030215

Mar 11, 2015

I now have a Twitch account!

You can watch me LIVE playin video games when im streamin em'!
Take a look now with this clickable link!
So, yehh... now you can see what im really up to when im "working" on "things". If im playin games ill try to stream as often as possible to give you a chance to pull up in there and leave me hateful messages like "Y U NO ANIMATING?" or something cheery like that.
I dunno, I see this as a good thing I guesss. I do play videogames quite a bit and when im not working on my comic or movies or whatever I could STILL be putting something out there for you lovely people to watch (cuz you just cant get enough of me), its a win-win. I still get to play videojuegos and you still get to envy my max lvl prowess!
NOTE- If im NOT streaming, you'll see a banner that says "NO SCARECROWS BEYOND THIS POINT". If you see that im either asleep, at work, doin artsy stuff, or otherwise busy.
The more you know :D

Mar 2, 2015

The 5 Verses of Horrible Sanity

Verse 1
"I saw a corpse on the road today.
My heart twisted and legs crippled,
and all the sheeple carried on.
Why does 'HUMANITY' only apply to the human?
We're all just a bunch of fucking animals."

Verse 2
"Even the innocent act of being alive
puts you in danger."

Verse 3
"Misfortune holds no favorites.
Everybody suffers...
They'll lose their jobs, their homes,
and eventually, their minds."

Verse 4
"Do what you wish with the truth
in your hands."

Verse 5
"The scent haunts him like a
fading memory.
He stares death in the face.
'CONFORM!', pleads the puppeteer..."

Analysis: Verse 1
It can be a sickening experience to open your eyes for the first time and notice that not all life is treated equal. Most find it easy to pass the life of any creature other than themselves off as insignificant and not even worth a passing glance. The death of what most see as an 'inferior' being goes unnoticed and without mourn.

--- I felt I had to give some extra insight on that first verse since I tend to use it a lot within my universe. It was originally a poem I had written in my head on my way to school one morning. I was walking along the road when I noticed a cat had been hit in the middle of the road. I stopped in shock when I realized that I was the only person around who seemed to even notice. Cars continued to drive over it's lifeless body making no attempt to swerve or even slow down to make sure it wasn't still alive. I sort of lost faith in that structure we like to slap the label of "humanity" on.
TimTheScarecrow + Moose

I titled that poem "for moose", the name of my childhood best friend and most bawse-ass cat to walk the earth. To clear up any further confusion, no, he wasn't hit by a car. I gave him the title dedication because that's all I can really offer to my late friend, and the story does have a significance to his passing. He died of old age (medical term for bodily failure), when I discovered his death I couldn't find the ability to make words, only tears. It didn't break my heart, it cut it in half and let everything pour out from my face. Meanwhile the world kept turning, people had jobs to go to, kids to send off to school, lovers to spend time with.
Even within my own household things moved on. The only hiccup to note that his death caused was the time it took for my mom to say "Aw... im sorry." My world was FUCKING GONE and all that happened in retaliation was "Aw... im sorry."!
There was no official funeral, no autopsy, no investigation, not even any fucking forms to fill out for the government to file with the census!

Feb 4, 2015

Arya Ghavamian claims M dot Strange's HSM is his?

So this slime claims to be the animator of a film called The Silent, which is a slightly clipped, silent version of Heart String Marionette created by M dot Strange.
Re editing pre-existing films isn't all that bad, but claiming HE is the animator and giving Mdot NO CREDIT AT ALL? Should result in the death penalty.
I just find it hard to wrap my brain around this little shit's logic. Seriously, where does he get the NERVE to claim the best movie ever made was his doing?
If you could, send some "love" his way with the link above. Since he's a "real" animator, im sure he has all the knowledge of what it took to make the film for 4 years, and would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Jan 28, 2015

Who am I?

As i begin alternating phases of the TimTheScarecrow arc, i look back and the ever-taunting question eating its own tail is following me. "Who Am I?"
Am i my own being or am i just working for my mind? Did i make my characters or am i simply living their lives for them, unaware that i have no real control over their fates and life decisions?
Then i zoom out... am i TimTheScarecrow, the guy who plays god with millions of intertwining lives without any concern? Could that possibly be me? I dawn the costume, it must be me.
Or am i just living out that character's life as well?
Then i look under the skin... could it be that I am OYASHIRO? The self-absorbed street artist with spying eyes on every corner? Its not like i care, right? If i really don't care what you think of me then why do i strive to do my best? Why does it matter so deeply that harsh words can knock me down and kick at my chest? I don't care, right?
Might it be possible that i am the crow and the world is the menacing silhouette in the field, watching my every move waiting for me to fuck up, waiting so blackened eyes can laugh in my face?
Then i breathe... i let it out. I see an answer to the question.
I can be whoever i choose to be, but how do i know if im really the one choosing?