Oct 31, 2014

Update 10-31-14

Greetings internet! Wouldn't ya' know it, im still alive! Doing science...
Though I haven't been doing MUCH lately, I have been doing something. Firstly, I gots myself a new Poll here on my website, you should check it out.
The question: "When do you think The Freaks of LampCord will be complete?"
That ones really more of a 'wait and see' type of poll, but its still a way to see what people's expectations are of you, and a way to test myself to see if I can work within a locked timeframe. With WtN I expected (originally) to be done in about a year, I was off... by a whole year... Anyway atleast now I have an idea of how long stopmotion films take for me to make. This knowledge is only really half beneficial to me since TFoL is going to be a "live action" film with very small amounts of stopmotion, maybe this means I could complete it sooner? Wait and see.

As of right now ive got 1 marionette completely finished and another one just needs to put some clothes on. Im thinking i'll be needing about 5 more marionettes to complete the "cast" of the film then I can move on to building the set. Singular.
In comic news, Intervals of Horrible Sanity Issue 1 is damn near complete, im just waitin on Dash's side-comic to fill the last 6 pages, then its off to print! Issue 2 is 100% written, planned and shaped out, and I have a few pages already finished.
When it comes to my first book project, NOTHING IS NORMAL, im a little bit slackin behind. Ive written a little bit more to it recently, gone over and revised the first parts, but the writing software im using doesn't do "pages" it counts it all as one really long page, and when you're writing for a book that becomes a bit of a challenge. So for now ive been jotting down ideas on paper but im holding off on the actual writing part until I can get something like Microsoft Word to help separate pages properly.
Also! I submitted a few pieces of writing-stuff to Klaus tehKurios' Uberector Magazine Issue 01! You should totally check it out cuz it features articles and comics both by and about some pretty great artists, writers, and filmmakers!

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