Sep 10, 2014

I has Fan Fiction

When i first started making Welcome to Normality, i never thought id really see people making fan art for it, to be honest i didnt really think people would even like. But the internet has proven me to be a clueless animator cuz this shit happened!

Mad Dashiell Johnson and the Weird Ass Austin crew put together a 45sec short for the 2014 Fantastic Fest. The bump is based on the first page of the backup comic Dash is writing based in my crazy ass Normality universe. This short is written, directed, art-ified, and voiced by Dash himself!
Also the multitalented Spooktergeist created this bawse fan art almost immediately after the release of WtN... cuz shit can get real and if you dont have a WtN fan art goin, you might get eaten by the fog bruh!

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