Aug 6, 2014

Welcome to Normality Exclusive Edition DVD

 Check it out here!
It took me just about 2 years to create my short film "Welcome to Normality", but before that I had done countless hours of thinking and sketching and writing scenes that eventually got deleted. All of these stray drawings and notes got thrown into this black binder. Now you can have it!
I plan on going on to do much bigger and better things in the future, if you had this, you could proudly claim you were there from the beginning. (hipster ^.^ )
The standard edition DVD wont be available for about a month, but this is here first!

What you get
-Signed DVD with secret easter egg inside!
-All kinds of sketches and pre-production artwork
-Signed super shiny script
-All the original storyboards
-Super awesome butterfly keychain
-Cheese, the actual giant worm puppet from the movie
-Other fun and mysterious chet!
Thanks for looking and stay gold.

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