Jul 5, 2014

Update 7-5-14

Oliver says i cant have the camera back until i put WtN up on YouTube so heres another blog for the masses.
- (minimums) -

I've been occupying myself with this short film project im doin for Klaus tehKurios, ive just got one more character who's lines/ trenchcoat need recording... then i can do a final edit, put in the original bg music that i totally made all by myself.... i was playing around with the keyboard and thought it sounded pretty bawse so i recorded that. Then i gotta animate the intro for it, and do finishing touches. Wrap it in a bow and deliver it to Klaus' dropB! Hows that for a slice of fried gold!?
A note on my book "NOTHING IS NORMAL".
As i believe i originally stated, it was intended to be like a sketchbook/ dream journal/ random chet type book. Well.... i changed my mind. In-fact ive decided to make it basically an "autobiography" type book... 3 dots are the chet!
If you look back, i wrote a blog post titled "My only friend, The End". (title inspired by The Doors) Well the first bit of that post is how the entire book shall be written as i find that style to be FUCKING BUFF! I absolutely adore writing stories completely in metaphor, its what makes life fun. If you dont know what i mean, just read the post. The first bit is the "story" and the second bit is whats REALLY going on in plain english.
Also when i say "autobiography" i mean it. Shit gets personal... and very far fetched too. I plan to keep it in a way where you're reading it going "Theres no fucking way Tim escaped a dragon!" when what im really implying is that there was this person with horrible breath who i
successfully evaded at a grocery store or something. So expect that sometime after WtN and maybe IoHS #1 are released!
Speaking of Intervals of Horrible Sanity!
I've done a couple more pages, i'd have more but im really focusing on this short for Klaus right meow. Anyway, my good amigo Mad Dashiell Johnson finished the artwork he did for the cover of Issue #1.
It looks so damn cool, too!

In addition to that, Dash has also been allotted a 6-page slot in the back of all 5 issues where he will be telling a classic "Meanwhile" story about the comic's main character Aleister DeChant. I'm thuper ecthited about whats gonna happen in the future with these comics. ^_^
ATTENTION: I will also have about 2-4 bonus blank pages in each comic.. this can easily be filled up with friendly Ad-Space! SO! if you have a super bawse project you'd like me to advertise in my comic, hit me up! i would LOVE to have some badashtray images advertising my friends films/comics/music/games/whatever! Best part is it wont cost you a damn thing! Thats right! FREE ADVERTISING MufHuggas! If youre interested contact me and i'll send you an image template so you know how big the pic should be and where the cutoff safe zones are!
Anyway, just thought id share all that business with you, my loyal screen-lookers!

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