Jul 6, 2014


So I managed to get at least a rough version of Chapter 1 PART 1 for NOTHING IS NORMAL. This part sums up the first 7 years of my life pretty accurately. Tell me if you like the style or if you have any questions or comments id love to hear em! (promise the whole thing isn't this down, theres some pretty happy stuff in my life too later on)


We're taking an open-minded journey through time to a pocket in my childhood. The path is muddied as its been traveled before. The air is salty and the people are stale, overdone on one side and medium rare on the opposite. They simmer in the leftover barrels of toxic revolt from the decade previous.

Among the rotting rows of empty clothes is a hopeless mother sitting confidently on the seat of a bus. The destination marker reads "NOWHERE, CALIFORNIA". To her right, uncomfortably squirming in hopes of finally getting to go, is her chubby cheeked mistake. We'll call him Tim.

There are brother and sister Tims as well, but I can't see them. They've migrated to live happily (for the time being) with their fathers. Of course I couldn't understand this, I had never had one myself. I was always told that a Mom and Dad are traditional... I guess I've been avoiding traditions since I was born in that case. The god-figure to my left holds me close as more nightmare clowns climb the three steps and the doors slide shut. She isn't the best mom in the world but at times like this she ranks pretty high. We never had all the best things or lived in the safest neighborhoods, but she tried no matter what.

Soon the bus to nowhere would end its run and we'd make our nest. So was the yearly pilgrimage. As I am a child, I pay no attention to my ever-changing bedroom. The wallpaper was flowery yesterday. Now its hardwood panels. Tomorrow it will be greenish gray... Next week it wont even be my room. The sister Tim is back (we'll call her Des), and so is her father.
A sickening smell has crept into my nose and plastered itself onto the walls of my eyes. All I see is a panoramic view of bruising and violent yelling. My god-figure has abandoned me. None of the nests feel like home anymore, the wallpaper seems an infinite loop of beige ribbon. The couch extends itself, grasping for life it twists into a lump of brutality and cigarette smoke. When the moon rises I hide in my cave where I'm safe...

Seven years pass. The phone rings.
I find myself looking down thousands of feet at the map. The outlines moving lazily to the left as I pass overhead, I'm weightless. Sleep. Multi-colored crayon in hand, I watch my feet as they take me from my seat to the rounded door. Am I in the desert? Not yet, just one more hallway. The strategically placed corner pounds my heart with suspense, butterflies turn to dragonflies. The angled shadow of light slides down my face, the corner has been defeated and the reward awaits.
I have a dad.

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