Jul 31, 2014

My Future= Plastron Cafe

plastron  (ˈplæstrən)
— n
    the bony plate forming the ventral part of the shell of a tortoise or turtle

Starting December 1992 and ending July 1993, Plastron Cafe was a short lived comic from Mirage only lasting 4 issues. In the first issue there was a story called "Old Times", about the Ninja Turtle Donatello as an elder turtle. I don't really know why, but for some reason that story stuck with me emotionally and quickly became my very favorite comic story ever written.
Being intrigued by that story alone, i started to pay more attention to the comics themselves. I really loved how it seemed like the comic (as an idea) was like a hangout for all these great artists to just come together, create comics and show them to their fans.
Since i dont really know anybody else who does comics, (not to mention i only make 'em for fun) i can't really do the same... HOWEVER!

I can do this...
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In the future i'd like to open up my own little "studio" where my friends and i could all just hang out and create films, animations, sculptures, comics... ART!!!
But i dont want it to be just a place for us to be total snobs about it! Its basically like a community art center where ANYBODY can come in and be given the materials needed to just CREATE and HAVE FUN! There would be no fuckin membership fees or any other stupid corporate shit like that... i dont think that creativity should have a price tag or monthly bill to deal with.
Now if you know me, you know i have this love (addiction) for coffee. So i plan on having the main entrance area resemble a diner/ coffee shop. It'll all be FREE ofcourse! I bring my own coffee or tea or whatever i feel like making, and people are more than welcome to bring their coffee, too, and make themselves a nice batch!
I've always loved how some people go to cafes to write on their projects or draw or whatever, so in the front, by the coffee bar, there will be stools and booths with tables for people who just want to come in and write or whatever while enjoying themselves with a nice hot cup to quiet the world.
Toward the back of the main area will be very large tables like you would see in an art classroom in a high school. This would be the general area where people would come in to create, basically whatever they want, (if i had the materials/tools to help them out of course!) paintings, sewing, drawing, whatever they can think of!
The walls would be decked out in paintings and murals and things posted up like community bulletin boards, canvases done by the comunity and, well, pretty much anything relevant that people want me to put up! I want the place, at first-glance, to look like a wicked gallery!
In the bathrooms, i'll have a rule where any kind of graffiti goes, as long as it doesn't have the basic R rated chet (nudity, excessive profanity, drugs, alcohol, you know... bad stuff). But yeah, i love going into public restrooms and seeing things written all over the place or stickers and cool street art stuff, so why not encourage it on my property, right?
Off to the left theres gonna be a large open area for community activities, like if anybody wants to rent the space out for  art shows, small indie film screenings, whatever artsy stuff they can think of! (and on my free days, it'll be used for something thuper thweet like a paintball war or somethin neat like that)
The back room and office area will be off limits to the public, and will be like my own little private film studio where i can go to work quietly on my films and whatnot while sippin on some DEATH WISH.
Building space/shape/design.
I plan on either
A.) getting an old warehouse or something huge like that and remodeling it to my custom design and going from there.
B.) building the place from scratch sayin "fuck it".
So yeah, thats my "end" goal! tell me if theres any cool ideas floatin in your head that you think i should/could include in the design or practice! i'd love to hear it!

(NOTE: As i've already said to people before about this idea... if you have any nay-saying to do, do it somewhere else. This is my dream and it is what i am going to do. No amount of bitching you have can stop me. I know the place isn't going to pay for itself, but from where im sitting, its not your fucking problem to worry about, so chill. I don't want people's money, i just want to create a space where all walks of people can come in, enjoy the atmosphere and create art. GREED is a very powerful weapon, good thing im a pacifist.)

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